When it comes to caring for our customers, you will find we do this with great joy. At Acts of Service Plumbing, we provide the best Tulsa plumber repairs combined with friendliness and excellence. Here is a great article explaining more of the company’s culture.


Customer friendliness refers to friendly, courteous, benevolent, and polite behavior toward customers that begins with a greeting and ends with a farewell. If you scrutinize the term more closely, it quickly becomes clear that there are a multitude of ideas about what customer friendliness means in concrete terms. Customer friendliness is often defined by a smile, but there is much more to it. It also means making the customer feel welcome, taking time for them, listening to them with compassion and attention, and devoting themselves to them and their concerns. In short, connecting with the customer and entering into a relationship with them.

Actsofserviceplumbing recognizes that customer friendliness is more than just a behavior. It is an inner attitude that then entails specific customer-friendly behavior. It’s how you connect and interact with customers. If your attitude towards yourself, your job, and other people is right, then you will be happy to be there for others. Then friendliness is not a dry theory or artificial, but it works from within, from the heart, and comes into its own in both verbal and non-verbal expressions. “As on the inside, so on the outside” is the motto. This means that the principles of customer friendliness must, first of all, be lived within the company.

Here Are Great Questions!

  • How is the working atmosphere?
  • Is there laughter or is there a critical seriousness?
  • Are mistakes allowed and seen as a basis for change?
  • How are interpersonal relationships shaped in the company?

If friendliness between colleagues does not play a role and employees do not like working in the company, this is reflected from the inside out or in customer contact.

If a seller or consultant is only half-heartedly behind his plumbing products and services, they will not bring them to the customer with relish and convincingly.

Actsofserviceplumbing, the best Tulsa plumber, always puts into consideration leadership skills because they are largely responsible for the working atmosphere and customer friendliness. We always reflect on our attitude towards our customers and employees. And that has been one of the main keys to our company’s customer friendliness.


Firstly, we ask ourselves the following questions:

What is our personal attitude towards our work, towards our company, and towards our employees?

Are we fulfilling our job? Do we like it? Do we achieve fun, satisfaction, and thus a positive charisma?

Only when we are satisfied with ourselves, and our daily activities do we radiate this through our body and our verbal language.

Our eyes light up when we talk about our company, our employees, and our service. You can usually see a smile on our faces when we talk. In addition, we bring benevolent, positive words to our lips, even when something goes wrong, because we understand that only when we are kind to ourselves will we be able to be friendly to others—i.e., employees and customers—and to be friendly and consistent even in difficult situations—and that has made us the best Tulsa plumber.

Our Words and Deeds Reflect Our Attitudes

Secondly, we treat our employees the way we treat our best customers. We are interested in their wants and needs. We listen to them, give them responsibility and authority, and communicate with them transparently and openly because employees only perform at their best when they feel appreciated and respected.

If an employee comes to you with a request and you didn’t give them your full attention and, on the other hand, you are grumpy with him or looking at the PC or your smartphone at the same time, then this means nothing other than the statement: “You are disturbing me” or “Come on, hurry up.” In reality, you are signaling that you are more interested in other things at the moment than making time for the employee, which should not be done if you want progress for your company.

We are not just the best Tulsa plumber, and we don’t just lead with facts and figures, but we live the principle of “people before business” every day in employee contact, and our employees are always happy to do the same in customer contact.

Third, we clarify that there are processes that are perceived as disruptive every day and prevent employees from experiencing friendliness. This is because only when people are free from feelings such as stress, resentment, jealousy, distrust, and manipulation can they be friendly and benevolent. So, we devote ourselves to our employees and find out what can prevent them from being kind. And Actsofserviceplumbing also create framework conditions that enable us to do our best for our customers.

We Treat Our Clients Right

Fourth, we address and create awareness of customer-friendliness throughout the organization. We keep the service idea alive through regular dialogue. We discuss questions like these: What does “customer friendliness” mean? How do we want to deal with the customer? How do we show kindness nonverbally and verbally?  Are attitudes and customer-friendly behavior related? How satisfied are we with ourselves and our situation? How do we deal with difficult customers and situations? Etc.

We work together to develop a standard for customer friendliness.  It important we are kind over the telephone and during any personal interactions. When you are looking for the best Tulsa plumber services, call our team today!

Fifth, we train all employees—from apprentices to managers—in customer friendliness because of how the customer perceives the company as a whole. If the operator is friendly but the customer advisor is not, this clouds the customer’s image of the company. We train aspects such as body language and positive verbal sales communication. We also provide opportunities for reflection because everyone needs feedback on how they affect others and whether their appearance is consistent.

In conclusion, Actsofserviceplumbing knows that with (customer) friendliness, we can get ahead and keep being the best Tulsa plumber! This applies to employees, managers, and the company as a whole. We take responsibility and take the lead in a friendly manner!

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