At Acts of Service Plumbing, we love kids. Many of our staff members have children. We understand sometimes kids will flush items unexpectedly down the toilet. Because we care about our customers and believe in providing the best Tulsa plumber guidance, we created an article to help you overcome this problem when it arises.


In some houses, toilet clogs can be a mystery, especially if they happen frequently. However, if you have a fussy eater for a youngster, they might be to blame for your clogs.


Even during potty training, youngsters don’t entirely comprehend how to use the toilet. When kids try to sail their playthings in the water, they occasionally manage to flush them down the toilet instead.

They might find it intriguing to flush everything and everything to hear the sound or see it go away, and then they’ll ask you were doing it go

  • Toys
  • Keys
  • Small pets; fish; hermit crabs, mice
  • Food
  • Cell phone
  • Kitty litter


 Check to see if you can feel it.

Do a manual inspection while wearing gloves. You will need to manually insert your gloved hand into the toilet to check if you can feel the toy. At the toilet’s drain’s first curve, toys frequently become stuck. If so, simply pull the toy out using your hands, a coat hanger, needle-nose pliers, or any other available tool.

Pull out the plunger.

A plunger is your next option if you can’t feel the toy in the toilet. It’s intended to push that toy all the way past the toilet and into the plumbing. In most cases, if it gets into the drains, it won’t cause problems in future. As opposed to the “cup plunger” that most people have, the “flange plunger” is built exclusively for toilets and is slightly different in that it contains an extra piece of rubber that correctly seals the toilet drain. You gain extra points if you run your plunger under hot water for a short period of time to soften the rubber and improve the seal. If after several attempts you are still unable to remove the toy, stop trying; it doesn’t appear that using a plunger will help!

A particular kind of drain snake is a closet auger, often referred to as a toilet auger. But because it contains a longer cable in a steel tube that can work more firmly on whatever is stuck in the toilet, it is preferable for this job. You try to either hook the toy and pull it back out or force it through the toilet and into the drain when using the closet auger. It’s preferable to be able to draw it out, but this is frequently quite challenging to achieve, and the obstruction ends up being forced through. Again, very seldom does whatever was clogging the toilet cause additional problems once it has passed through to the drain.

  1. Remove the toilet if everything else fails.

If none of the preceding methods have been successful, you’ll need to remove the toilet and try to get the toy from underneath. Toys and other items are frequently left in the toilet, immediately before the drain, where it is lowest. To accomplish this, turn off the water supply, disconnect the toilet, and make sure the bowl and tank are completely dry of any water (yes, you have to scoop this out). It is normally preferable to flip it over after that and either put it in the bathtub or take it outside.

  1. In the worst situation, purchase a new toilet.

If you are still unable to remove the obstruction from the toilet Unfortunately, the only alternative option is to completely replace the toilet (and are certain it isn’t in the drain). Of course, before installing a new toilet, the majority of individuals will want to have a plumber go over the previously mentioned stages.


                3 Steps for Avoiding Toilet Clogs

Have a “No Toys” policy

Materials brought inside from outside the bathroom run the danger of clogging the drains. Young children could be enticed to drop toys in the toilet bowl inadvertently. Depending on their age, your youngster might also flush other toiletries or things that shouldn’t be flushed. One strategy for preventing non-flushable items from entering the toilet is to implement a no-toy policy in the restroom.

Teach Your Child How to Flush Properly

Accidents still happen, so if you do encounter a problem, there are always drain cleaning services that can assist in clearing the obstruction. We offer you the best Tulsa plumbing repairs and more!

Check your plumbing

Plumbing problems can occasionally arise and not be immediately apparent. You can be on the verge of needing a more expensive remedy if undiscovered clogs start to form. Plumbing problems might also occur, such as minor leaks or burst pipes that you don’t want your child exposed to.


Water-Boiling Technique

Bathtub drains go through a lot of wear and tear, especially in the summer when youngsters might bathe twice a day. Due to the hair and sludge, we wind up having to clear out the drain at least once each month. Our bathtub drains, however, remained free and unblocked for a full two months with the help of this simple tip:

  • Pouring boiling water down the drain is a good idea.
  • It’s quite simple to execute and very effective. The boiling hot water loosens the hair and debris that cause clogs, allowing you to flush it down the drain and outside of the house.
  • Just be sure to leave the tap running for a bit to keep pushing the contents of the pipes.

 Manage Your Flushing Actions

When you have kids at home, the wrong items can get flushed down the toilet. Reach us today for the best Tulsa Plumber repairs and enjoy the results!

The idea of Tammy flushing her puzzle pieces down the toilet would amuse her. Soon every toilet in your home is innocently damaged.

Keep Wet wipes, paper towels, and napkins out of the toilet

Additionally, using too much toilet paper can result in a blockage. Therefore, if you’re a child, it could be time to stop using half a roll of toilet paper at once in order to prevent clogs.

 Keep Your Disposal Safe

Your garbage disposal may have trouble during the summer. During those brief moments of momentary temporary craziness, you might drop something down the garbage disposal that doesn’t really belong there, like grease or watermelon rinds.

Make sure you use the disposal with caution, and after using it, give it a good flush with water to maintain it clear.

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