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Top 8 items you should never throw in the toilet and why?

It is very well-known fact that our toilets are made for waste. However, sometimes other items besides waste makes its way into our toilet.

Flushing items that are meant to be removed by throwing them in the trash can cause many problems for you. At the same time, toilet blockage remains a number one problem that our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts get called for.

Usually, the contents you flush down the toilet travel only by two ends. So, it would be best to be careful when and what you are flushing down the toilet.

If, by any chance, you are not aware of the things to avoid flushing, don’t worry; by the end of this article, you will be able to know more about it.

What items you can avoid going in the toilet?

Many things are not meant to be flushed down via your toilet for various reasons. However, to make things easier and less confusing, some of the top 8 items you should never throw in the toilet are mentioned below.

·         Why Tissue paper Is Effective:

This one might catch you off guard because we have been flushing down them in our toilets for many years. A majority of people do not know that toilet paper does not have a composition that can get dissolved in the water easily.

According to our Plumbing Tulsa experts the chances for toilet paper to block the drainage systems are quite high and, therefore, should be avoided at all costs.

·         Get the best Wet/dry baby wipes

Again, anything that seems to be manufactured with the help of paper does not mean it can be degraded easily. Likewise, when using baby wipes, do not throw them in the toilet. Your garbage dump or dustbin is just a few distances away, so to avoid any major inconvenience, it is the best way to dump it.

·        Try Wet wipes for makeup removal

It has been proved that almost 47% of the total toilet drainage around most of the community occurs due to flushing down the makeup removal wet wipes. Usually, women keep their make and extra toiletries inside the washroom.

They clean and remove the makeup inside the washroom and end up throwing it in the toilet. Meanwhile, this can end up with serious problems and can cost you too. So, by trying to be responsible and alert, you can save yourself hassle and time. Call us today for the best plumbing Tulsa repairs!

·         Women Hygiene products

Women’s Hygiene products usually include products used for the menstrual cycle. As a girl, it is important not to flush pads and tampons down the toilet. These items do not break down well.

It is a serious environmental threat. It can be a major factor in why most of the pollution can occur. The best way to protect the environment is by dumping your pads and tampons are in the trash, not the toilets. It is not only an environmental factor but also a personal health care factor. If your toilet gets clogged because of such products our Plumbing Tulsa professionals will surely help you out.

·         When you floss, make sure to keep the toilet clean.

Avoid flushing dental floss down the toilet. The material used to create dental floss does not do well in pipes. So, flushing dental floss down the toilet down hinders the drainage.

·         Everyday contact lenses

Contact lenses are the most common thing that thousands of people wear daily. Contact lenses are available in several colors that give you an easy way to make your vision clear in a few minutes.

However, when you return from work to home and take out your daily wear lenses that are valid for a day or two, you should not flush them down the toilet. They might seem harmless and lightweight, even invisible to some.

·        Why You’ll Need to Remove Baby diapers?

It is important to never flush a diaper down the toilet. When this happens, problems will arise! They are thick and unlikely to leak, which makes them another reason not to throw them down your toilet.

Moreover, you might have experienced that baby diapers are expandable. That means when they come in contact with water, and they expand to provide more holding space for the baby’s ease.

Baby diapers belong in the trash, unfortunately, they often end up in the toilet. The best way to dump them is to take a black degradable material bag, wrap the diaper and wait for the garbage truck to load the trash and be on its way.

This way, you can be a good citizen and a responsible person in your community who cares about everyone else’s ease.

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·         Hair, HAIR, hair

No matter how much you clean this little trouble, some hair always gets in your way and your toilet. Hair is another reason your toilet can become clogged. Hair tends to clog it up, hindering the water flow.

We recommended avoid flushing hair down the toilet. The same rule applies to your body or pubic hair too.

When shaving or trimming a beard and private parts, it is best to lay down tissue paper and clean hair with it. Then throw it inside the bin instead of flushing it down the toilet.


Little things and efforts make a big difference. You can save yourself a lot of work and time. However, if you notice any issues with your toilet do not hesitate to contact our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts.

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