How to protect your toilet from blocking?

When you’re searching for a quality team, give with one with a great reputation and offer the best plumbing Tulsa services. Who is it? Acts of Service Plumbing team! A clogged and blocked toilet is no less than a nightmare that never ends if you do not take proper care of it. A blocked toilet can happen repeatedly, and when it comes back, it’s time to get it fixed! We all have been at this stage, which is quite frustrating.

We fail to wonder what factors are contributing to a blocked toilet. Meanwhile, most people have issues while considering getting the system fixed since they believe it can disturb the toilet more. However, this is not true. There are many ways a blocked or clogged toilet can be fixed with the help of Best Plumbing Tulsa.

Therefore, today we will discuss more how you can be able to protect your toilet from getting blocked.

What are the ways to protect your toilet from getting blocked?

Most people might have done many things to prevent the toilet from getting clogged. But nothing seems to work. It might be due to several reasons. However, some of the effective ways by plumbers Tulsa that can prevent your toilets from getting blocked for the longer term are mentioned below. Keep following the mentioned guide to get more information.

Try to avoid using any harmful chemicals.

The first and most important factor that should be kept in your mind is avoiding using harsh and harmful chemicals. Using chemical-based cleaners is a no go for your toilet, and many plumbers recommend stopping using them. Instead, you can use other mild cleaners that do not have added bleach in them.
The use of such chemical-based cleaners is not only harmful to your toilets but also your health as it can be inhaled and cause serious damage to your nervous system. Moreover, it tends to destroy and melt the piping system of the toilets, which in turn causes the toilet to get blocked.

Check the toilet system every six months

The majority of people tend to forget to check their toilet systems for years. This is a bad habit and can lead to a poor toilet drainage system. The plumbers recommend checking your toilet’s internal systems every 6 months.

You may need to check if the flow of water is okay, if there are no leaks around the toilet, or if the flush is working fine or not. When these factors occur, then you should give your nearest plumber a call. Leaving these factors untreated or taking them for granted can cause a blocked toilet.
Do not keep a brick inside the tank to save water.

Another way that is a significant reason for why the majority of toilets get clogged up is that people keep bricks in the tank. It’s surprising, but it happens! However, do not do this. It can cause the disintegration of the brick, which can then lead to the blockage of the toilet. Many other ways can help you save water without causing the blockage of your toilets.

Do not flush anything inside the toilet, if you do call us for best Tulsa plumbing services!

Flushing sharp objects down the toilet can be harmful to your pipes. However, there is very good news! Call Acts of Service Plumbing to help you! Having a clogged toilet is the last thing that you might want. So, try to avoid doing anything unsuitable for a toilet to flush.

Teach your children to use the toilet properly

Many times, there might not be any problem with your toilet system. A child can clog the toilet with a toy, and it can be disappointing to see your toilet broken. The good news: there is hope! To avoid this, you need to educate your children and inform them about the proper ways of using the toilet.

They need to know when to flush and when not to flush. How to press the flush system without letting it stick. When you learn these steps, then you will never have to experience a clogged toilet again (at least we hope so!). It’s so true: we deliver the best plumbing Tulsa repairs!

Get professional by calling us for best Tulsa Plumbing services help if nothing seems to work.

You might not be able to detect them all and hence need help from experienced plumbers Tulsa. So do not worry about spending money because the problem of a clogged toilet is far greater and more frustrating.

Well-experienced plumbers have a better idea and understanding of how things work. They will take very less time and consideration in fixing your toilet issue. Therefore, do not hesitate while calling a professional for your help.

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While cleaning the toilet, you might take the brush to the deepest level, but that is not a proper way to clean your toilet. You should be gentle with it and ensure that nothing hits the toilet’s base. Also, keep the toiletries away from the toilet to avoid them falling inside it. When you need help right away, call a trusted team for the best plumbing Tulsa repairs!

Moreover, make sure you use a proper brush to clean the toilet. Be mindful of using a brush or cleaner that does not leave any brush hair or strands behind since they might enter into the drainage system and cause the blocking of the toilet.

Do not clean the toilet with chemicals every day.

Using mild cleansers with fewer chemicals is ideal for toilets, but you need to ensure that you are not using them daily. No matter how less concentrated the solution is, it still has the chance to clog your toilet. Use it twice a week and even more, if you like too. Of course, you can try to clean the toilet on other days using water or a gentle liquid soap, this will work as well. Get the best plumbing Tulsa with our outstanding team today!


Facing issues like clogged toilets are quite common, and everyone has faced them at least once in their lifetime. With the right strategies for using and cleaning the toilet, you might never have to experience a clogged toilet anymore, so follow the proper steps. Moreover, you can contact Best Plumbing Tulsa to get the required help if you are unable to open the toilet yourself. Make sure to call professionals before it is too late. Visit our webpage at We look forward to hearing from you!