Learn the importance of cleaning washer drain and how to do it:

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Let’s suppose what will happen next if you wash dirty and sometimes greasy clothes in your washer drain but don’t maintain the cleanliness, then what will happen next? Your washer drain will become a mess if you don’t clean it once in a while in a proper way. Now you might be thinking about cleaning the washer drainer properly.

Well, in further detail, we will discuss why you must keep cleaning your washer drain and how you can do it properly.

Reasons for cleaning washer drain regularly

Here are the reasons our Plumbers Tulsa shared that will help you to understand why cleaning the washer drain is important:

·         No more bad odors

If you don’t clean your washer drain, the things you wash in your washer will start leaving their smell behind. It is obvious that if you keep washing your dirty clothes in the washer and don’t clean the leftover mess, it will eventually start to stink. So, the number one reason for cleaning the washer drain is to eliminate the bad odors from the washer after cleaning.

·         Cleaning reduces clogging

It is obvious that if you maintain an appliance, it is less likely to stop working without giving any hint. Cleaning your washer drain helps eliminate bad odors, but it will also not get clogged again and again. You should clean it more often if you don’t want to get frustrated while your washer drain gets clogged repeatedly.

·         Water will drain fast

The water won’t drain fast if there is anything stuck in the drain that is closing the path of the water to get drained. Now you might understand our point here. Why do you have to clean your washer drain often? It will keep the path clear for water. The water will drain faster if you maintain the cleanliness of your washer drain. You won’t get tired of water coming back from the drain repeatedly.

Yes, if the water doesn’t find its path to get drained, it will start flowing back to the washer. Imagine how nasty the situation will get if you don’t clean your washer drain. If you do not have the time to clean the drain you can get our Best Plumbing Tulsa services.

Tips on cleaning washer drain in a professional way

Now you know the importance of cleaning the washer drain. Then it is time to do the actual work. So, here is a list of a few tips that will help in cleaning your washer drain:

1.      Pour hot water

When you wash too many dirty clothes that might contain oil residuals or other dirt particles in your washer drain, the oil and the dirt will settle at the bottom of your washer drain. It will keep piling up until it clogs the drain. The worse enemy of such dirt pile-up is hot boiling water. If you don’t want to do anything else with your washer drain, you can pour boiling water into it.

You can repeat this procedure about 2-3 times, and it will clear the washer drain. This method will work if greasy, oily pile-up is the reason for clogging the drain.

Somethings, the clog gets too stubborn that even boiling water won’t be able to do anything about it. If you know that the problem is only oil piling up at the bottom of your washer drain, then you can try this hack.

2.      Use a plumbing snake for stubborn clogging

As we have said above, sometimes your washer drain gets clogged, and it becomes stubborn that hot water won’t work on it. What if the washer drain is not clogged with dirt, but there is something else at the bottom of the drain? Well, you will get to know about that thing only if you use a plumbing snake.

Insert the plumbing snake into the washer drain as deep as possible, and then then, with a jerk, try to turn it inside the drain. This technique will work if the hot boiling water doesn’t work to unclog the drain.

3.      Use cleaning products

There are drain cleaning products available in the market that you can pour into the drain and not use for a few hours. Those products contain acidic properties that will clear your washing drain. Such products work most of the time, but after pouring the cleaner, you should use that drain for about 1-2 hours. Let the cleaner settle at the bottom of the drain. It will do most of the cleaning. After that, you can pour boiling water. You’ll enjoy the best plumbing Tulsa repairs from a team that truly care about others!

Sometimes people pour acid into the drain. It would be wise to get a drain cleaner with acid but in low quantity. Get our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts to help you in the process if you find any difficulties.

What if you don’t clean your washer drain?

Do you want your washer drain to get clogged often, or would you like to get bad odors coming out of your washer drain? It is obvious that if you don’t clean any appliance, you have used daily or maybe every other day, it will eventually cause trouble.

  • Even the appliances you use to clean your clothes need maintenance. If your washer drain gets clogged, the water will return to the machine, making it a messy situation for you.
  • All of your clothes might get dirty. You might not want to wear them again because of the dirty water mix.

There is a list of reasons why you should keep cleaning your washer drain. If you don’t clean it after a week, prepare for a messy situation. No one would ever want to get their clothes dirty after washing them. So, it won’t be a wise thing to delay the cleaning of your washer drain.

Final Remarks:

You might get the idea of the importance of cleaning your washing drain with proper equipment. If you don’t want your washing drain clogged every other day, you must take care of its cleaning. Don’t try to postpone the cleaning because you might be able to do it independently. You will have to call our plumbers Tulsa then. So, now it is on you whether you want to maintain your washing drain or you would like to call for professional help. When you need the best plumbing Tulsa repairs, count on us to deliver results.

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