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Top reasons why there is an unusual watercolor and how to fix it?

If the water you use daily for your house chores is turning orange, yellow, or brown, there is something wrong with the water supply. Well, there might be nothing wrong with the main water supply. There is a great possibility that there is something wrong at your end.

Using the same dirty water to do your house chores and accidentally drinking that dirty water will cause many health problems. Therefore, you need to find the cause that why your water is an unusual color and how you can get rid of the problem. In further detail, we will discuss the reasons and solutions for this unusual problem.

Top reasons why there is the unusual color of water

Here are the top 5 reasons why there is unusual color water:

Water lines are corroding

If you don’t do the maintenance of your water pipelines and you keep using them for years, then a time will come when the water lines will start rusting. It is quite simple that water will cause corrosion of your steel water pipes. If you are getting brown water, it is a sign of corrosion. Your water lines are corroded. If you keep drinking that water or using it clean dishes and run other house chores, you will regret it later.

Brown water is a sign of corrosion, so you will have to take precautionary measures because if you don’t, the corrosion might cause more damage to the pipe and start leaking. So, it is always better to hire our Plumbing Tulsa services to get your pipes fixed before anything dangerous happens.

Heavy rain might be the cause

You might wonder how heavy rain will cause damage to your water line, and you start getting the unusual color of the water. Well, sometimes the rainwater may get mixed with your pipeline, and you will start getting dirty water with dirt mixed in it.

Blockage in the pipes

Blockage in the water pipelines will cause trouble for you. If the water gets blocked for any reason, as a rodent died in the water pipe, you can imagine the consequences. The water will change color, and it will be dirty and smelly. So, if you are not getting clean water and the water pressure is also lower than usual, there is a blockage in your water pipelines.

Algae might be the reason

You might notice that when the water stays at the same point for too long, a layer of green material will appear on its top. The same thing will happen to your pipelines if you don’t clean them often.

As we have said before, if you are getting brown water, then corrosion is the answer. If you are getting green water, then algae are the problem. This problem is common because algae will start settling at the bottom of your water supply, and if you don’t maintain it, you will start getting a green water supply.

Water sedimentation

If you have a water tank where the water gets stored and have not cleaned it for a very long time, you might start getting brown or yellow water supply. Yes, water sedimentation is the reason for getting unusual watercolor. Hiring Plumbing Tulsa experts will be a good option to get water tank cleaned.

How to fix the unusual color of water problems?

Here are a few tips that will help you to fix your unusual color of water problems:

Turn the tap on for cold water

If you notice an unusual color of water, then one of the simplest ways to solve this problem is that whenever you turn on the tap, first open it for about 20 minutes on the right side. You might be getting our point here: let the cold water run for 20 minutes. It will clean the water pipes. After that, you can mix the water or turn it on the hot side. But it would help if you let the cold water flow first, so you don’t have to use the unusual watercolor later.

It is one of the simplest solutions and a temporary one. You just can’t let the cold water run for 20 minutes whenever you want to use hot water. But you can go for this temporary solution.

Water filter maintenance

If you are getting brown water from your filter, it requires a good cleaning. Yes, when you start getting dirty water from your filter, the main cause is that you haven’t cleaned it for a long time. Drinking dirty water will cause many health problems. Therefore, you need to get the filter cleaned by professionals. If you think you can do it independently, then go for it.

If there might be a problem in the filter and it won’t get fixed, then you should get the filter replaced with a new one. It will solve your brown, dirty water problems. Need a professional plumber? Call us for the best plumbing Tulsa services!

Clean your water heater

What if your water heater is not working perfectly? What if the sedimentation in your water heater tank is the cause you are getting the unusual color of water? Yes, it might be a reason if there is nothing else wrong with your water supply. Seek a professional opinion for plumbing repairs. If you try to clean t on your own, you might end up causing some damage to your water heater tank.

Call our Professional plumbers

You might not be able to take care of the unusual watercolor problem alone. Therefore, it will be necessary that you call for professional help. Our professional plumber from Best Plumbing Tulsa will come prepared with all their tools to help you. For all the reasons we have mentioned above that might be the cause of unusual watercolor, a professional, experienced plumber will surely be able to fix the problem. It would be wise to let the professionals do their job. Discover why we are among the best plumbing Tulsa services team.

Final Remarks:

In the final analysis, you learned the reasons for unusual watercolor. You also learned how to fix the problem. It would be dangerous if you kept using the same water because it won’t be a healthy decision. Don’t put your health or the people living with you health at risk by not fixing the problem. Contact Best Plumbing Tulsa for plumbing issues.

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