Get Five reasons your basement is flooding and how to prevent it from one of the best plumbing Tulsa teams in town.

Basement flooding is a real problem. If your basement is flooding, then there is a reason behind it. So, it would help if you found a reason behind it. Once you know the problem, you can get rid of it by the help of our Plumbers Tulsa. You won’t be able to stay in your basement for a longer period if it is flooding. We are among the best plumbing Tulsa companies in town.

Reasons your basement is flooding.

Here are the top five reasons why your basement is flooding:

1. Poor drainage system

A poor draining system is one of the common reasons that your basement is flooding. It will flood your basement. If the draining system works well, water will flood your basement. So, the number one reason is the poor drainage system.

If the water pipes are narrow at the turns, the water might not be able to drain properly, or it will take longer to get drained. Most of the time, the water will stay in the drainage system, which will affect the quality of the drainage system.

2. Leaking in plumbing

If your basement’s plumbing system is poor and leaking, it will flood your basement. Most of the time, poor plumbing is the cause of basement flooding. Leakage in any pipe of your house in the basement will make the water become a pond. If you notice any flooding immediate contact our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts.

3. Leakage in the supply line

If the water supply line in your basement has a leakage, it can cause water flooding. Rusting is the main cause of leakage in the supply line. If you don’t get your supply line cleaned with cleaners, water will stagnate.

The supply line will get rusty and start leaking at the end. So you can imagine where this situation is going to lead.

4. Sump pump broke

A sump pump helps in taking the water out of your basement. If the sump pump breaks or any leakage takes place, then it will cause basement flooding. In the basement, it becomes hard to take out the water because the depth and sump pump will be the only option. Therefore if this only solution is not working, then basement flooding is the next scenario you will face.

When it rains like cats and dogs, water will automatically enter your basement, and if you don’t use a sump pump, the water won’t come out of it. If your sump pump breaks, you must get it fixed immediately.

5. Poor-quality weatherproofing

If the weatherproofing has been done, then basement flooding might become a problem for you. Sometimes you think weatherproofing work has been done right, but later it might become a nightmare for you.

When the weatherproof has not been done right, the water will leak from the walls whenever it rains. The interior paint will start getting dirty. It will signify that your basement flooding might be the next situation you will face.

As we have said above that, poor-quality weatherproofing is the cause of basement flooding. If you live in a region where it snows, the snow will enter your drainage system and might freeze in the pipelines. Water won’t be able to drain from the pipes.

Water will also freeze in super chilly weather, eventually stopping the water from getting out of your basement. Weather is one of the most common reasons for basement flooding.

How to prevent basement flooding

If your basement has been flooding, then here are a few tips from our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts that will help in preventing basement flooding:

1- Set all leaks and cracks

First of all, you will have to look for leaks and cracks. You will get to know from where the water has been flooding in the basement. Once you find the leaks and cracks, now it is time to get them fixed.

You might be able to fix the leaks and cracks on your own. You can call for a little help from professionals who will help fix cracks and leaks. Leaks and cracks in the ceiling and walls will cause basement flooding, and it will also cause problems many other problems in the basement. So, the number thing that will help in preventing basement flooding is fixing cracks and leaks.

2- Improved drainage system

If your drainage system is not working well, it will cause basement flooding. As we have said above, poor drainage and plumbing problems are the main cause of basement flooding. After fixing leaks and cracks, it is time to check the drainage system.

A poor drainage system will cause water to become stagnant in your basement. When you start getting foul smells, you will get a hint of water to bring stagnant in your basement.

Later it will cause basement flooding. So, you need to work on the drainage system, especially in your basement. The drainage system in the basement doesn’t work properly mostly. Turn in the pipes in your basement causes basement water flooding.

3- Clogged pipelines

While taking care of branches and roots, trimming causes pipelines to get clogged. So, it would be best to trim branches away from your drainage system. Debris gets dumped into the pipelines when you do branch trimming near your drainage system. It will cause clogging.

Now you must be very careful while trimming branches and cover the pipeline with caps so the debris won’t enter the pipelines. The clogging can cause basement flooding problems later.

4- Vent caps for protection

As we have said above, vent caps will protect your pipelines from debris entering or the snow in the pipelines. So, before the snowy season gets started, it is best to install vent caps for extra protection.

Vent caps will also keep rodents out of your drainage pipes, so there is no way your drainage system will ever get clogged.

Final Words:

Now you know why your basement has been flooding and how to prevent that from happening. If you spend most of your time in the basement, you must work on the tips mentioned above. If you don’t work on the preventing tips or get a hint that there is something in your basement, it is time to get our professional Plumbers Tulsa or other experienced people to resolve the problems.

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