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Ways to repair a running toilet

Toilets, with time, have become more advanced as compared to the toilets of the 1990s. It seems difficult to deal with them when they are running, but technology has also made it easier to know about the toilet’s working and fix its problems. Of course, it is frustrating to hear water dripping continuously. It not only annoys you but also causes a rise in utility bills.

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Ways to repair a running toilet you need to know about

Toilets have a tank to store water and flush it with pressure when needed. This tank has different components controlling the storage and flow of water proactively. But with time or some damage, the components may get damaged, and you observe a running toilet.

Identify the components of the water tank of a toilet.

You can fix the running toilet if you know about the toilet’s working in general. Knowing about every component, structure, and function, you can identify the problem behind running the toilet. When you know the problem, you can fix it by taking the necessary steps and bringing tools and damaged components. The water tank of a toilet has different important parts like

  • A rubber flapper covering the hole at the bottom
  • A fill valve for water regulation in the tank
  • A fill float for adjusting the water level in the tank
  • Flush lever used for the flushing mechanism
  • Overflow tube for tank filling
  • Now, look for the proper procedure

When you know about the components of the toilet tanker, you can move forward with identifying the actual problem. So, the following steps will help you in this regard.

Disconnect the water connection for a while

Before observing the water tank, remove the water supply by turning the knob off. Every toilet has a knob, usually on the lower right side of the toilet, to control the water supply. You need to turn it off by moving it clockwise. It will stop the flow of water in the water tank pipe.

Now, it is easier for you to open the tank and observe it properly. Do not worry. You are not turning the water off forever, but by doing the opposite of a clockwise turn, you can again get the water flow.

Carefully take off the tank’s lid so you can observe each part.

As it is necessary to go deeper to know about anything you want to inspect, you need to do with the water tank. The water tank must be open for inspection, so carefully remove its lid. Usually, the water tanks are made of ceramic along with the lid. So, you need to remove it with great intention and care and keep it on a safe and soft surface.

The placing surface should be soft and even avoid any damage. After removing the toilet tank’s lid, you can see everything inside. Here you will observe the components of the toilet’s water tank, like the flapper, fill valve, flush valve, flush tube, and fill float, etc. Look keenly at each part and identify them by their structure.

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Now, check the flapper present inside the tank.

It is time to play with every component of the toilet water tanker. First of all, you should look flapper keenly. It is a rubber-like structure present at the base of the toilet tank. It allows the water to run toward the toilet bowl as it covers the hole at the bottom. It is made of rubber or plastic, so it can be worn out with time. That’s why; you should check it before glancing over any other part.

If you find it damaged or broken, you can easily change it yourself or call a plumber, as it is not much technical work. You just need to

  • Buy a flapper of the same size and type as your toilet tank has had before
  • Remove the older one from the bottom of the tank and install a new flapper

All you need to remember is to adjust its right height to get proper flush out.

Keenly observe the fill valve to treat any type of blockage

If the flapper and float both are working all right then, it must be the fill valve causing the problem. You can easily observe the fill valve damage. If so, you should replace it with a new fill valve. Otherwise, the toilet will keep on running.

  • Buy a good quality fill valve.
  • The toilet tank must be empty before installing the new one
  • Take off the older ones by losing the nuts of the valve
  • Install the new valve by following the instruction given in the packaging
  • Then turn on the water connection to check whether the valve is working properly.

Examine the water level by checking the adjustment of the float

The floats of the toilet’s water tank are not too delicate like the rubber flapper and get damaged with time. The problem that usually arises with the water is the lack of adjustment of fill float according to the water level.

You should check whether the float is near the ideal water line of the toilet tank or not. If so, it is all right with the float, but if it is not, you need to adjust it to the right position. As floats are two main types, ball and arms float, but sometimes, the third type also exists under the title of column float.

  • There is no need to buy a new float usually.
  • Just lose the float by using a screw gauge by rotating the screws in an anti-clockwise direction.

Then find the marked ideal water line in the tank and adjust the float here by tightening the screws. It must be in the right position, not too low or high.

For testing, fill the tank and observe whether the float sits underneath or not. If not, you should repeat the process.


Repairing the running toilet is not much difficult task to do yourself if you know about the components of the water tank of the toilet and their functioning too. Hire our Best Plumbing Tulsa service providers has the required experience to help you out with all plumbing issues.

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One of the many companies we’ve had the pleasure of serving faithfully over the years is Paul Davis Corporate – Restoration and Emergency Service Provider. Learn more about them today!