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Tree roots can cause major damage to your underground sewerage and pipes system. Don’t worry, not all tree roots cause this kind of problem. Roots of elm, maple, oak, and willow trees cause this damage. These trees have long, heavy roots that spread out for many meters and cause damage to the sewer system and other pipes you have underground.

If you want to get a hold of these damages, you can get help from our Plumbers Tulsa and landscaping expert. If you have short trees and plants in your home, you don’t have to worry about this as this happens mostly with big trees having giant and strong roots.

Before laying down the sewerage and water system foundation, you must get help from a landscaping expert. Landscaping experts have expertise in this department and know what should be done to prevent this damage. Sometimes if the roots are spread too much, the experts will advise you to bring the whole tree down as that might be the only solution to stop the damage.

How tree roots damage pipes?

Tree roots can cause some real damage to the pipes underneath the ground. Tree roots of elm and oak are huge, strong, and can spread for several meters, which means that they can spiral around the sewerage and pipes system underneath the ground.


Certain types of damage are done to the pipes due to tree roots. It can be irritating at times.

Constriction of pipes

Tree roots cause the most damage to the sewerage system. One of the biggest damages it causes to the sewerage system is the constriction of the pipes. Due to which the pipes don’t work normally and all the matter that the pipes contain rebounds back to washroom and kitchen.


Sometimes the roots can even break the whole pipe, which leads to the water and matter leaking into the ground. Which further causes dampness in the ground and destroys the plant and grass on the ground. The land also doesn’t feel the same as it is wet and dewy.


The leakage of sewerage can also cause damage to the clean water pipes, which are mostly near it. The damage that this leakage will cause will be that it will contaminate the clean water.

Loss of clean water

Tree roots causing damage to the clean water pipes means leakage of clean water to the land and soil. Due to this, there is a great loss of clean water. If the water doesn’t enter your home, it is wasted on the soil. This leakage also destroys the plants and grass on the ground.

Damage to plants

The damage caused by the roots to the pipes causes the pipes to leak. This leak then, in turn, damages the plants present on the surface due to excess water.

Tips to prevent root damage you need to know about

There are many ways to counter the damage caused by roots to your pipes system. One of the best ways to prevent root damage is to get landscaping and our Best Plumbing Tulsa expert before you lay the foundation of the sewerage and pipe system.

If you want to construct the sewer and drainage system, you first want to get an expert and get his opinion on what to do.

Removal of trees

Before constructing a sewer system, look if any tree will interfere with the sewer system. If you have trees like elm and oak on your property, the best thing to do is to remove or cut down these trees because the roots of these trees are very big and strong, and they’ll interfere with the pipe system for sure.

Landscaping expert

To prevent any damage to your pipe system. You can always contact a landscaping expert who will help you protect your drainage system. A landscaping expert will also get the roots to stop spreading in the direction of the sewerage and pipes system.

Plumbing expert

Our Plumbers Tulsa will also help if you want to prevent root damage to your pipes system. What a plumbing expert will do is they will cover the pipes underneath with covering so that the roots have no influence on them and do not damage them. For this reason, you should also get help from a plumbing expert.

Check for leaks

What you can do yourself is you can check for leakages in the pipes and drainage system. If you see a leak in the pipes and a root cause that leak, then you can get help from the landscaping and plumbing expert, who’ll then suggest what to do.

Cover the pipes

Covering the pipes can also help with preventing damage caused by the roots. Covering the pipes will cause the roots to damage the covering, not the pipes, which can prevent the damage for some time.

Using Barricades

You can also use barricades like sulfate, wood, metal, and copper to prevent root damage to the pipe system. What these barricades do is cover the roots and stop them from spreading anymore.

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Making the soil hard

Making the soil harder means less oxygen for the roots. This, in turn, means no further growth for the roots and less spreading. This way, the roots can no longer damage the pipe system. When soil is soft, the oxygen can go underground easily. You can make the soil harder with the help of moss and mulch.

Using durable and heavy materials

Using heavy and durable materials for your pipe system can also prevent root damage. Materials like PVC and steel can help you prevent root damage because they are durable and strong.

Using modern technology

With the evolution of technology, you can now fix and repair damages in your pipe system without opening your yard and making a mess in your yard. Hydro jetting and Trenchless pipelines, it is easy to fix and repair the damages in the pipe system.


It is better to get help from landscaping and our Best Plumbing Tulsa expert while you are constructing a pipe system than to face later damages caused by the roots of the plants. You can also use good and heavy materials so that the roots can’t damage it.

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