Top reasons why you should check the plumbing system of the bathroom before having guests over for the holidays. This article is from one of the best plumbing Tulsa teams. 

A plumbing system is a significant system of every living place; it is a basic need of every single place of living, shopping, cooking, staying, and even a place from where people pass through. It mainly contains water-delivering pipelines, taps, heaters, water tanks, toilets, and drainage.

Whenever we talk about the plumbing system, it mainly concerns the bathroom. The whole plumbing system is designed for the bathroom and a part of it for the kitchen also. Working with Best Plumbing Tulsa makes it easier to inspect and resolve any plumbing issue before it can cause further damage.

Top reasons for checking the plumbing system of the bathroom

Routinely checking the bathroom plumbing will protect us from any emergency or plumbing problems. The plumbing system should be checked once a week to maintain it because restoring the functioning of the bathroom requires time.

Following are the reasons to keep the plumbing system maintained, specifically of a bathroom, before having guests over for the black Friday sale.

Underground plumbing issue

An underground plumbing inspection is the first major thing to ensure any leakage of pipes. This could be done by using a camera that provides detailed information about the underground plumbing of the bathroom.

Having guests at a place that is newly designed or opened after a long time needs to be inspected from underground because it would protect us from plumbing issues while dealing with guests.

Similarly, bathroom plumbing should work properly in a market or a mall, specifically during the black Friday sale when a big crowd of customers is present. The maintenance will provide reliability to the people and help them shop with good bathroom facilities.

Underground plumbing inspection provides;

  • Real-time inspection by using the camera
  • Information about any clog in the drain pipe
  • Information about leakage of any sewerage pipe.

If you are unable to find any issues getting help from Best Plumbing Tulsa experts is the best option.

Obstruction in pressure of tap water

Water-delivering pipes are nothing without taps, the part of the plumbing that provides water in an organized way with demanding pressure. When taps are in regular use, such as at market place, they must be inspected routinely to avoid damage.

At the marketplace, talking about bathroom plumbing, people visit and turn them on and off the tap differently without any care. The carelessness will lead to the loosening of taps and leaking from the joint of the pipe and tap.

The tap loosening lowers the water pressure, but the main reason behind pressure reduction is some obstruction in the tap or the pipe. That’s why this plumbing inspection should be performed before a crowd of people over the black Friday sale.

Mineral build-up in freshwater delivering pipes

It is the main issue and reason behind inspecting the bathroom plumbing routinely, specifically in a place where there is always a crowd of people. Mineral and salts from freshwater or underground water slowly make layers inside the pipes. The sedimentation leads to the following;

  • Clogging of the pipe creates difficulty for the flowing water and makes it dirty.
  • Damage the pipes by long time sedimentation by causing water leakage
  • Lowering of water pressure due to obstruction of minerals and salts

The sedimentation indirectly damages or loosens the taps at the shopping place when people try to open them forcefully. Therefore indirectly cause problems for bathroom plumbings. That is why it should be inspected before juggling people in the marketplace.

If the pipes and taps are free from sedimentation, water and flushing will be properly used in the bathroom. Otherwise, it will become smelly and clogged from the toilet sides, freshwater pipes, and sewerage pipes.

Inefficient working of the pump

The underground water uptaking pump is the mother system of the whole plumbing setup. It provides fresh water to the whole place.  Its efficiency could be lowered by;

  • The improper power input, which means improper electricity connection, leads to the burning of the pump.
  • Having proper access to the underground water, in this case, takes more power and uptake nothing so that it could be burned in the end.
  • Connection with instant heater will make it to on and off again, and again that will lower its efficiency automatically.

Therefore before having any crowd at a shopping place, inspect the reliability providing place carefully and repair or maintain it accordingly.

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Leakage of water tank

The water tank is a major element that provides water to the whole plumbing system after the pump. It is a storage container that always has enough amount of water to be used in an emergency. Water tank usage requires cleaning and proper care to avoid obstruction and dust accumulation.

Underground water with different composition cause sedimentation into the water tank that could narrow down the passage of water flow. Also, a container that all time has water in it all could be leaked due to a worn-out tank.

Therefore routine inspection must be practiced to check whether it is covered properly by a lid. It will also help us remove the tank’s build-up to make it clear and efficient.

Water leakage from the water tank could compromise not only its storage ability but also damage the material of the tank. Ultimately, the tank will have to be replaced with the new one.

That’s why its routine inspection is necessary and detailed inspection before having guests over black Friday sale.

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Leaky toilet

In the case of toilets, most of the damage is on the base and could be diagnosed quickly by water leakage. Whenever your toilet is leaking from the base, before professional repair, try to analyze it by yourself.

Leaky toilets mainly disturb the comfort and reliability of people, specifically in the marketplace. Leaky toilets are because of the following;

  • Removal of old vex ring
  • Tightening the toilet base against the floor and
  • By loosening the toilet bowl


Having a crowd at a marketplace, specifically over the black Friday sale, requires a proper plumbing inspection of the bathroom. It makes the shopping place reliable for visitors. Hiring our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts will help you with the inspection and repair of pluming issues you may be facing.

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