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Tips for finding hidden leakage in a newly built kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest part of the house as we spend most of our time there. We use it for cooking food, dishwashing, taking a cup of water, or beating coffee for you. It is important not only for these tasks but also for our family’s health. It must be free of all types of leakage and infectious attack.

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Tips for finding hidden leakage in a newly built kitchen

Water leakage in the kitchen destroys the building material and promotes the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. So, it must be free of any leakage, and if leakage exists, we should take action immediately to overcome it. But the question is how we would be able to know if there is water leakage in the kitchen or not.

1.      Observe the surroundings of the sink in your kitchen

We all have observation skills and must use them to prevent our environment from many harmful things. The same is the case of water leakage in our kitchens. We must observe the surrounding area of the sink as the sink is the major water supply area with an underground water connection and another water connection with the sink bowl. It must be secure and safe.

We usually think that the area near the sink can be wet due to dishwashing, but it is not so always. Showing proactive behavior, we should clean the surrounding of the sink and dry it by turning on the fan so we can observe whether it stays wet or dry. If it is still wet, your sink has a water leakage problem that you need to fix as soon as possible.

2.      Do not forget to track the functioning of the taps.

Taps no doubt stay functional for a long time, but after a few years, they are non-functional. The faucets of the sink taps may lose their structure.

  • There may be no visible leakage, but the water leakage exists, but we could not track it due to our busy life.
  • If it persists, the kitchen’s building material is under high threat. You need to ensure that you are tracking the functioning of kitchen taps every week and fixing the problems immediately, if any.

Otherwise, it will promote the humidity level to increase and hence the growth of mold. But if you detect the water leakage in the kitchen earlier, you can save it from more destruction.

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3.      Always be alert about suspected sounds.

Sometimes, the water leakage is not from the taps or showers of the kitchen but under the sink, or sometimes, the leakage from the tap is so minor that we can’t see it. Not always is the sense of vision a good detector but other senses also have their worth.

If you hear any suspected sound of water dripping, you should not neglect it thinking that someone has not turned off the tap properly. It would help if you looked for the reason behind this tip-tip sound of water dripping. If you track it and find the leakage spot, you can fix it on time and avoid any damage.

4.      Observe the walls of your kitchen

Not only the sink water can cause problems in the kitchen, but underground water pipelines are also suspected of water leakage. You should keep checking the condition of the water supply either by checking the pressure of the water or by observing the walls.

If you feel the walls are wet and have little fungal growth, it is a clear indication of water leakage. This water leakage may be due to a pipe bursting or a little leakage underground from your home or your neighbor’s house. You need to identify the source of the leakage to fix it on time.

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5.      Keep testing the slabs of your kitchen.

We have slabs attached to the kitchen sink, mostly in our houses. These slabs are under the influence of water even when there is no leakage, but they do not get damaged if we responsibly use them. You should dry the slabs after using them by wiping them with a dry cloth and turning on the fan.

When you have done all for drying them, but they are still wet, there must be a water leakage from your sink side that you cannot see. This tip would help you detect not only water leakage but also maintain your kitchen’s hygiene.

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6.      You can use a hygrometer to test the water content in the floor or walls

If you can afford it, you should buy a hygrometer and learn to use it. This instrument will help you to measure the water content in the air of your kitchen and other material objects like slabs and walls. If you find water content more than normal, you may call a plumber to check your kitchen’s plumbing system.

7.      Never ignore the musty smell.

Water leakage for a long time causes humid air in the kitchen. The mold growth sometimes is not visible to the naked eye as it is too small or grows inside the wall. We cannot see the mold growth, but we can smell the rust-like odor. This musty smell is a symbol of mold in the kitchen and alarming you to check the plumbing system of your kitchen and other parts of your house.

8.      Keep checking under the sink.

The sink has an upper portion we use for washing purposes and a lower portion for drainage purposes. If we are responsible for cleaning and tracking the upper portion, we must do at least 30% of it with the lower portion. The drainage pipe of the sink may have a leakage problem, or something has blocked it. It must be tracked regularly.

9.      Keep a strict eye on the utility bills.

Other than all suggestions, the utility bills of your house are a clear picture of the water usage. You should read and compare it properly every time. If you observe high billing, it means there is water leakage in your house, and it may be in the kitchen. If you still th


You can detect water leakage in the kitchen by checking faucets, sinks, slabs, walls, and also high utility bills. So, you should keep tracking things around you to avoid serious consequences.

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