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Recently Purchased a New Home that needs renovations?

Here are five plumbing inspections and repairs you need before moving in or selling.

It is very much important that you get a plumbing inspection done before you buy a new home or you are going to sell one. There might be some hidden problems you don’t know yet in the plumbing. So, it would be wise to get a plumbing inspection done.

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5 plumbing inspections you need to do before moving in or selling your new place

Here are the top 5 plumbing inspections you need to do before moving in or selling a new house:

1.      Check the water pressure.

There might be a water pressure problem in the new home you might move in soon, or you sell. So, the first plumbing inspection you need to do before you do anything with your new place is to notice the water pressure. If you have a basement, then you should check the pressure there. Life won’t be easy with a low-pressure water supply.

Sometimes you get water pressure at one point, but at the other point, the water pressure might be low. Therefore, check the water pressure before making any deal.

2.      Is the water heater working

Another important aspect you should pay attention to is the water heater. Sometimes you don’t get a clean hot water supply, and there might be a problem with the water heater. Without the water heater, you won’t be able to survive in cold weather.

If you sell the new house, then no one else could live through winters with chilly water. So, it is important to check all the water heater connections and the water. Check the water clarity to see whether it is clean, if something is wrong with the water heater, or if it’s working perfectly.

3.      Quality of plumbing

The quality of plumbing matters the most because if it is poor, it might not sustain for a long time. Therefore, if you are going to start a new life at a new home, you might have to replace the plumbing soon. It would be wise that you get the plumbing quality check.

Even if you sell your new house to someone, they won’t be able to live with the poor plumbing system. Therefore, checking the plumbing quality is another important aspect you need to pay attention to.

4.      Check the main water supply yard

From where are you going to get the water n your home? What type of water will you get? Hard water and soft water plus what type of water treatment you will have to perform to get a quality water supply. So, another important plumbing inspection is to check the major water supply. You might have to run a few tests to check the water supply.  Our best Plumbing Tulsa team can do it for you in a good way.

5.      Call plumbing inspection professionals

Do you know how to do the plumbing inspection on your own? Well, there are plumbing companies that offer plumbing inspection services. The professionals will glance over the plumbing system and find the problems you might not inspect on your own.

So, call a team of professionals for the new home you might move in soon or selling. Therefore, get the work by professionals because they know better.

Repairs you need to do before you move in or sell your new home

Following are the repairs you need to do before you move in or sell your new home:

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Clean, repair or replace your drains

Before you move in or sell your new home, clean your plumbing system. If any repair is required or you have to replace the drains, it should be done before you live in that home.

If you are going to sell the new home that you recently bought, then the buyers might accuse you of selling the place with a faulty plumbing system. Therefore, get this work done as soon as possible.

Update the fixtures

If your plumbing system requires a fixture, then you should get it done by professionals. When you move into a house with a faulty plumbing system, you might have to fix the fixtures later. If you are going to sell it, then the people who will live in the house will have to get this work done. So, it would be wise that you update the fixtures.

Get your basement waterproofed

One of the most important plumbing renovations you must get done is getting your basement waterproofed. Otherwise, the water might leak through the water drains or inside your walls. You will start noticing your walls getting ruined and all green.

So, there will be many problems if you don’t get the basement of your new home waterproofed before you move in. Even if you are going to sell your place, then the prices of your new home will get higher because of this renovation.

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Fix leaks if there are any

If there are leaks in the plumbing system and you don’t get it fixed on time, then you should know the damage will keep spreading through the walls. There will be problems you might not know that water leaks might be causing. Therefore, while you are getting the plumbing inspection by professionals, it would be wise to get rid of the leaks in the plumbing system immediately.

You won’t be able to live in a place with such problems. Even if you sell it, you might not get a good deal for it.

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Final Words:

If you are going to move into a new home, get the plumbing inspection done. The same applies if you sell a new property you just bought. There might be hidden plumbing problems you don’t know yet, so it would be wise that professionals will have a check. It would help if you didn’t move in or sell a property with plumbing problems.

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