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Top 7 Holiday Food Should Not Go Down Your Garbage Disposal

Most food in the kitchen shouldn’t go down to the garbage disposal. Such items can cause some serious damage to the sewerage system. Looking at food items, there are common foods you cook at home every day, and then there are holiday foods that you also have to be careful about, as they can cause serious damage to the sewerage by clogging it.

Instead of using the garbage disposal, you should always use the trash can as it can reduce the fats deposition into the sewerage pipes, allowing smooth water passage. Holiday foods are seasonal, but they contain the most fats and they are the greasiest, so you should be doubly careful about holiday foods.

7 Holiday Food that you should avoid throwing in the garbage disposal

Holiday foods are only made on special occasions, for instance, thanksgiving turkey and hot chocolate on Christmas. These are the foods that are enjoyed only on special occasions.

Meaty food items should always be disposed of through trash cans and trash bags. You can get in touch with our Best Plumbing Tulsa service providers to get the services if you are feeling the problem in your plumbing.

1.      Turkey

Turkey is enjoyed by most of the people on holidays, especially by Americans on Thanksgiving. The leftover from turkey, meaning its bones and meat, should always be disposed of through trash. If not by trash, then some other way, but garbage disposal should be avoided at every cost.

If the turkey is disposed of through garbage disposal, not only will the grease block the sewerage, but its bones will also be an enormous problem for drainage. It will block the sewerage, meaning that the other food items won’t pass the sewerage, which will cause even more blockage.

2.      Ham

After turkey, ham is the meat that is served at Christmas dinner. Ham is the meat of a pig, and it is also enjoyed by most of the American population on holidays.

The meat seems so soft and juicy, but it should also be disposed of in trash cans and bags. Ham is meat, and meat items should always be prevented from being disposed of in the garbage disposal as they will clog the pipes.

3.      Alfredo’s Pasta

Pasta is an Italian food savory which they make on normal occasions, but as the Americans make turkey and ham on Christmas and Thanksgiving, Italians make pasta on Christmas. Place Alfredo’s pasta in a trash bag.

The garbage disposal turns the past into a paste which will further block the drain, causing the water to reflux back into the sink. Pasta not only blocks the sewerage but also causes a stinky smell. Alfredo’s pasta also contains meat, so you must be extra careful.

4.      Lasagna

Lasagna is another Italian savory they make on Easter and Christmas holidays. This food is full of cheese, meat, and potatoes. Just imagine cheese, potatoes, and meat together going down the drain. It will surely cause some enormous problems with the pipes.

Most probably blocking the pipes, causing the garbage disposal to stop working properly, and causing a stinky smell in the kitchen. Also, causes the water to reflux back.

Our Best Plumbing Tulsa service providers can help you unclog a drain.

5.      Creamed Spinach

It is a side dish during Christmas and Thanksgiving. It is an American dish. Creamed Spinach contains spinach, meat, crème, and cheese. These ingredients are the terrifying ones for the garbage disposal as the Spinach is fibrous and leafy, so it can wrap itself around the garbage disposal and prevent it from stopping.

Garbage disposal has blades. Food such as celery, should go in the trash. Other ingredients of Creamed Spinach also offer a lot of the sewerage blockage and cause problems with the garbage disposal.

6.      Beans

Beans are a side dish on holidays. This food placed in the garbage disposal will stop the blades from working. If the beans reach the sewerage, they will block the sewerage, causing more problems.

With time, the beans become soft and fade away, but it can cause many problems for the garbage disposal. Beans should go in the trash.

7. Rack of lamb

The meat called Lamb is also a holiday food. The places you will find this meat in includes Central Asian countries, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Racks of lambs have bones attached to them, and we all know how much bone can cause problems in garbage disposal and sewerage.

The leftover meat from the lamb can also clog the sewerage and cause the garbage disposal blades to stop working. For this reason, lamb should go in the trash.

What to do if your garbage disposal is not working?

There is a high possibility that you have never taken care of your garbage disposal and it is full of fresh foods and other things.

You can try to fix it yourself, but it can be difficult. In such situations, you can call our best plumbing Tulsa services and we will inspect your place and give you the best solution.


Disposed in the trash food items containing meat and bones. You should always be careful while disposing of the food through the garbage disposal. You should always know which food you can dispose of through the garbage disposal and which you cannot. Greasy foods go in the trash.

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