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How silent leaks in the kitchen can be dangerous, and how to avoid them?

We are in great need of water in every residential or commercial building. We have some underground water plumbing systems and some exposure on the ground. It is easy to observe the exposed water pipes but hard to observe them under the ground.

Silent water leaks affect our kitchen badly in many ways, but we need to control them on time. We can control the damage if we can track the silent leaks. Our kitchens are directly linked with our family’s health, so they must be hygiene and germs-free.

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Dangers of silent leaks to your kitchen you need to know about

Silent water leaks can damage our kitchen in many ways, such as introducing cracks in the slabs, blockage of the sink, damage to walls and floor, wooden cabinets, and molding on the walls and other kitchen parts. These signs or symptoms are alarming not only because of property damage but also dangerous for your family’s health.

Cracks may appear in kitchen slabs.

In our kitchens, we use sinks for dishwashing purposes. Our sinks usually have a little tub, a Stainer-like metal membrane, a tap, two opening valves, and a plastic pipe just below the tub.

All these components assemble to support the washing activity. Sometimes, one of these components gets damaged and causes a water leak. It is not always possible to notice the signs before they cause damage.

Our kitchens usually have concrete slabs and a few cabinets along with the sink. When water leaks from the sink, it reaches the slabs’ roots and surface, which creates cracks.

The walls may get damaged.

The water leaks not only damage the slabs but also reach the walls if we neglect their effects on the slab and do not take needful steps. Water damages the wall by ruining their paints and creating cracks. Discoloration of precious stones or tiles on the kitchen walls may ruin its look. It usually happens when the main water pipeline is damaged underground, and you do not know about it for a longer time.

Ruins the kitchen floor

Our kitchen floors are usually made of concrete and beautiful tiles of different styles. Sometimes, we have a wooden kitchen floor to enhance its look and keep it neutral during all kinds of weather.

  • If there is any disturbance in the water pipeline, the kitchen floor may get damaged as water leaks underground and easily invades the kitchen floor through the soil.
  • When filled with water, the underground soil allows it to reach the tiles. Not only do the kitchen floor tiles get cracks and discoloration, but the floor becomes unbalanced.

The underground water leak takes away the soil from one part and pours it into the other part creating a lot of difference in floor balance. Experience quality repairs from one of the best plumbing Tulsa companies!

The kitchen’s wooden cabinets and drawers are badly affected.

We invest a lot of money in building our house and making a beautiful, organized, healthy kitchen for our family. It pinches when the water leakage ruins all its beauty, and we are also compromising on hygiene. Our kitchens have wooden cabinets on the walls, fixed under the slabs or moveable.

The wood of slabs first imbibes, and it weathers badly. Water weakens the metal attachments and causes the wooden cabinets to fall off. Drawers and all things we use to keep in them are ruined due to water leakage. It is a huge disaster of money and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

More presence of microbes on moist walls and floor

When there is more moisture in the kitchen, i.e., on the walls, floor, cabinets, and drawers, everything is moist. Where it is moist, there are most chances of growth of microbes like fungi, algae, and bacteria. So, your and your family’s health is at risk, and you must take action immediately.

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Top ways to avoid getting kitchen damages due to silent leaks

Due to water leaks, you face many problems in your kitchen that you need to fix immediately to maintain your family’s health. What can you do to avoid kitchen damage due to silent leaks? You can do it by following the tips.

·         Keep track of water pressure in your home.

It is better to maintain things rather than to fix them later. So, by keeping the importance of the kitchen in our life and the expected damages to your kitchen, you should take some precautionary measures.

One of the best preventive measures is keeping track of your home’s water pressure. It will help you to keep your water pipelines healthy for a longer time. There are fewer chances of damage to water pipes if you maintain the right water pressure and regularly keep track of it. Need to hire a licensed plumber? Call us today for the best plumbing Tulsa repairs.

·         Do not take the failure of sink drainage for granted

Sometimes, we observe the water blockage or hard passage of water in the sink, but we neglect it. We need to pay attention immediately as there can be clog formation which can lead to water leakage.

·         Replace the older sink pipe

After a few weeks, you should replace the older sink pipes as they are made of plastic. The plastic gets cracks and distortion of shape due to warm water and clog formation. So, it is better to replace the sink water pipe on time.

·         Update the stop valve

Every water appliance has either it is a kitchen sink or bathroom basin and has a stop valve. You should maintain it to avoid water leaks.

You should also pay attention to sudden increments in your water bills when you know how much water you are consuming and how much your meter reading is showing.  Our Plumbers Tulsa can help you fix any issue in the best possible way.


Water leaks can damage the whole kitchen if you do not control them at the start. It can ruin the floor, walls, slabs, and kitchen cabinets. So, take some precautionary measures to trap the water leaks on time and fix them immediately. Coun on us for the best plumbing Tulsa repairs.

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