Top Kitchen plumbing repairs to consider before hosting a thanksgiving dinner from one of the best plumbing Tulsa teams in town. 

The holiday season always required some plumbing attention, specifically kitchen plumbing. It is because the kitchen is the major place to be used throughout holidays. Therefore, it needs to be repaired before for smooth functioning and to avoid any emergency or plumbing problems.

On the annual national holiday (thanksgiving), people invite each other and host lunches and dinners. Before hosting, they always try to repair or remove any kitchen plumbing issues because of the heavy workload. These repairs done by our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts help them cook food reliably, even hosting more than one family.

Top kitchen plumbing repairs you must check before the special dinner

Following are the major plumbing repairs for the kitchen done by our Best Plumbing Tulsa professionals. Getting these maintenance services especially helps to avoid any kind of emergency while hosting a thanksgiving dinner.

Maintaining kitchen drainage pipes.

You can do it by doing the following

·         Drain clogging by fats and oils

The major plumbing issue while using the kitchen is clogging drain pipes because of knowingly or unknowingly disposing of fats and oils knowingly or unknowingly. The grease accumulates in the pipes and does not allow water to pass through.

Clogging may also be because of;

  • Disposing of garbage into pipes instead of the basket
  • Throwing potato and apple skin
  • Disposing of fatty materials
  • Throwing eggshells and waste residues of cooked food

Therefore, before every thanksgiving gathering or other holiday, the kitchen needs proper renovation, specifically of the plumbing. Plumbing is more significant because it is the major running system that involves everything from cooking to cleaning.

·         Clogging by meat residues

Sometimes, washing meat and other food before cooking causes the clogging of pipes. The clogging material slowly becomes embedded sludge that will, in turn, cause the clogging of kitchen plumbing and drain.

Meat residues cause fungal or algal growth that damages the whole plumbing and makes the plumbing and wash area dirty.

·         Clogging by broken glass and other metals

Most of the time, the drainage pipes may also be blocked by broken pieces of utensils. It is happened mostly while washing glassware and other metallic wares. The broken pieces, when for a long time, stay in the pipe, causing leakage.

The damaged pipes should be replaced, and clogging should be repaired by carefully removing the broken glass pieces and others.

Often it becomes out of order after any gathering. Still, it must need care and repair before the next Thanksgiving dinner if it was not repaired or tested after the previous gathering.

Hence it should be considered strictly to avoid any kind of clogging that will reduce the efficiency of the disposal area and the whole kitchen.

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Making sure that washing area is working properly

The first significant plumbing element of the kitchen is the pipelines and taps of the washing area. It should be considered for maintenance before planning any gathering like thanksgiving dinner.

It is because it is used not only for cleaning the kitchen but also because of its role in washing every food before cooking and in cooking too.

Often it gets out of order because when people are juggled at the hosting place, it would be used again and again. Turning on and off the tap by avoiding normal intervals will also affect its running and efficiency.

Therefore, it needs special care along with repair before hosting Thanksgiving dinner. While using kitchen, some common problems could happen;

  • Running out of tap because of turning off and on without proper care. It will cause leakage of the tap along with water delivering pipe. It will lead to the corrosion of pipes and taps too.
  • Building up of minerals or salts from water into the plumbing will block the way of water flow that will, in turn, slows down water giving capacity of the tap.
  • However, these kinds of plumbing issues related to kitchen plumbing and corrosion issues could be checked earlier to repair them properly before gathering.

It could be tested earlier because, in gathering season, it takes a long time to get anything repaired, especially plumbing issues.

Maintaining garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is directly or indirectly related to all plumbing issues in the kitchen. The reason is garbage from fruits or vegetable skin clogged off the drainage pipes.

Fats, oils, and other sticky materials cause clogging and damage to the pipe slowly. Another problem is the smelly washing area due to the accumulation of garbage in the pipes. The smell will impact the cooker, leading to a compromised food taste.

There must be a need to maintain a garbage disposal area before any get to gather to avoid mismanagement while hosting the party or a dinner. After repairing it especially need to change the way of disposing to avoid further issues.

The plumbing issues because of the garbage disposal could be;

  • Sticky or slippery washing area
  • Clogging of drainage pipes
  • Smelly washing area with accumulated fats and oils

However, for a tension-free Thanksgiving dinner, try to repair the plumbing issue caused by garbage by high-pressure water or some chemicals or

An old garbage disposal should be replaced with a new or modified one.

Maintaining water heater

A water heater is also a significant part of kitchen plumbing. It is specifically very important in winter-season gatherings. While repairing plumbing issues in the kitchen before having dinner on Thanksgiving Day, repairing the water heater should be considered. Need help with landing the best plumbing Tulsa repairs.

The water heater mostly went out of order because of the following.

  • Sediment build-up due to the separation of minerals and salts from water by heating
  • Corrosive agents cause corrosion that slowly spreads all over
  • Problematic power input of water heater
  • The nature of the water passes through the heater for warming-up


Before planning any get to-gather or dinner on the thanksgiving holiday, repairing will not only facilitate guests with reliable stay and enjoy food but also make the kitchen and the hosting place maintained for a longer time. Our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts will ensure that your event goes smoothly without any plumbing issue.

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