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A water heater is a device that helps warm the water for everyday use. It is an essential piece of equipment found in almost every household. A water heater system is a blessing for people living in relatively colder regions. However, with time a water heater system needs to be replaced, as everything has its lifespan.

While some people can identify signs indicating they need to replace their water heater system, some still wonder whether they can last a bit longer. Not getting your water heater system replaced on time can also adversely affect your health.

Signs you need to replace your water heater system immediately.

Some of the signs shared by our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts that indicate it is time for you to get a new water heater system for you and your family are:

1.      If your water heater is 8-10 years old and you’re unsure, call best plumbing Tulsa team!

One of the primary reasons why the water heater system needs to be replaced is they reached its expiration date. The expiration date of a water heater system means when it is not functioning as it should or used to. Generally, water heaters have a maximum lifespan of about 8-10 years, after which their structure begins to deteriorate and make noises.

If you hear frequent noises in your water heater system every time you turn it on, this may be because your water system has become old and needs to be replaced. However, if your water heater system seems fine despite being older than 8-10 years, it does not mean it would last very long. Therefore, it is better to know about its manufacturing date.

The simplest way to know the manufacturing date is to look at its serial number, such as G031193740, B16012456, etc. The first alphabet represents the number of months, while the first two digits after it represent the year. For example, a model with the number G031193740 was made in July 2003.

Therefore, if you find that your water heater system has surpassed the 8–10-year mark, consider getting a new water heater system.

2.      Rusty structure or inlet valve

Another sign indicating it is time for you to say goodbye to your old water heater system is when you see rust accumulating on its structure and parts. Sooner or later, every water heater system catches rust because of the water it stores for an extended period. When combined with oxygen, stored water spreads rust, which can also get mixed with hot water.

Rusty water can cause numerous kinds of infections, such as skin infections. Rustiness can also cause the internal heating mechanism of the water heater to fail. Therefore, if you feel water is not heated up to the mark, it may be because of rustiness. Make sure to consult our Plumbers Tulsa if you notice such problems.

Sometimes, it is not the water heater at fault, as the plumbing system can also get rusty. Therefore, if the water coming out of the faucets is rusty, make sure to check those faucets and your plumbing system pipes.

3.      Unusual leaks? Call one of the Best Plumbing Tulsa Teams.

Another sign you can look at if you want to know the health of your water heater system is by looking at the unusual wetness or moisture around its structure or underneath the structure. With time, water can make the overall structure weak, which can cause small holes, and the metal to get rusted. All this causes water to leak.

In addition, not replacing the leaky water heater system can also affect different areas of your house, such as flooring, as accumulated stagnant water can cause seepage. Therefore, if you do not want your property to get damaged, it is better to replace your water heater system on time.

4.      Foul odor

Foul odor coming from the water heater tank or system is also one of the primary signs your water heater system needs replacement. The foul odor is usually the result of metallic pieces disintegrating and mixing into hot water. Flaky metallic pieces occur primarily due to rustiness and when the heater has surpassed its expiration or manufacturing date.

A foul odor can cause numerous health problems such as nausea, vomiting, and gag reflex. Moreover, rustiness in the water that leads to that foul odor can cause hair fall and other problems. Our Plumbers Tulsa are available at your service to inspect the cause of smell and resolve the issue quickly.

5.      Thermostat not working

A thermostat is a device that raises or lowers the temperature by comparing it with the set value given by the user. Water heater systems consist of thermostats that make sure the water remains hot. While the thermostat is adjustable, you should keep it between 120 and 140 degrees if you want hot water.

However, if you have set the thermostat between 120 and 140 degrees but still do not have the luxury of bathing with hot water, this may be a sign you need a new water heater system.

6.      Sandy water

Sandy or muddy water refers to water in which sediments start to accumulate. Sediments can occur due to numerous reasons, such as damaged metal and other residues. Whatever the reason behind those sediments, it is important to check your water heater system.

A leaky water heater system can allow all kinds of dirt, grime, and sand particles inside the water heater system, which can lead to muddy water. Therefore, if you ever feel frequent grain-sized pebbles or stones when showering or washing your face, it may be a sign of a damaged water heater system. Count on us for the best plumbing Tulsa services!

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7.      Frequent repairs

Have you just got your water heater system repaired by a professional but think it might need another repair soon? If this is the case, there is a high chance that your water heater has become old and needs replacement. Anything that needs frequent repairs is a thing that has reached its maximum lifespan.


Has your water heater system has reached its peak life? Sometimes, you need a professional opinion. One way is to make sure to change it to avoid any future problems.

With that said, try to contact our Best Plumbing Tulsa professionals! This is a great step to take before getting a new water heater. We recommend the best ones in your budget and would also help with the installation process.

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