Jammed garbage disposal causes and solutions

Garbage disposal is an amazing electronic device that goes under your kitchen sink. It helps grind all the garbage you throw in the drain and helps for easy disposal. However, sometimes that can get jammed, meaning you need to get our best plumbing Tulsa services.

Knowing what caused the garbage disposal to jam and how you can solve the issue in the future is always a good thing.

Jammed garbage disposal causes and solutions

Below are the 7 most common causes of having jammed disposal, along with their solution and prevention tips.

1.      Putting non-food items in the garbage disposal can jam it

The most common reason for having a jammed garbage disposal is putting non-food items into it. Although it has a grinding disk inside it, it does not mean that you can put everything and expect the disposal to get rid of that for you. some food items that people put in there include:

  • Bottle caps
  • Plastic parts
  • Wire pieces
  • Bits and pieces of a dishwashing sponge
  • Pieces of cleaning cloth
  • Matchsticks and toothpicks
  • Nails, etc.

Garbage disposal is not made for any of these things. So, the best solution to deal with this problem is not to put any of these things at your disposal. Not only will these things jam your garbage disposal, but they can also do permanent damage to the blades and disk of your garbage disposal.

2.      Putting food items in the garbage disposal that does not belong in the garbage disposal

These disposal devices are made for food items but remember that these are not for all food items. Putting such things in your garbage disposal can create a huge problem for you because they will clog and jam the disposal. The most common things here are:

  • Fats and oils that generally fall under the grease category
  • Stringy vegetables
  • Bones(does not matter how thin)

So, if you put these items down the drain with the disposal, then there are chances that they are jamming the disposal. Stop putting all of these things down the drain to prevent jammed garbage disposal. You can get our best plumbing Tulsa services to get your disposal working again.

3.      Too much garbage at once jams the garbage disposal

Although this machine is made to grind bits and pieces of food waste, it cannot take a lot of things at a quick speed. If you are putting too much at the same time or too quickly, you must not be surprised when the disposal gets jammed.

The good part is that this issue is not that bad for the disposal as you can clean it easily. After cleaning, it will be good and working again. So, whenever you put food waste in the disposal, you need it to be turned “on” and only need to put food in the drain slowly.

Doing so will make the whole thing work like a charm, and you will never face any issue again.

4.      Dull blades of your garbage disposal cause jams

Putting hard things down the drain with disposal installed may work for you a few times. Thin bones like chicken wings may also pass through because they are relatively thinner and less strong. However, these things can cause the blades to become dull.

When the blades get dull over time, they can stop working efficiently. In such situations, the blades may not be able to fully grind the food items, which may get stuck in the drain or the disposal. Either way, the passageway for the food items will be blocked, resulting in jammed disposal.

The ideal solution is to let plumbing Tulsa professionals look at the blades and get the thing working again for you.

5.      Draining hot water into the garbage disposal can cause it to clog

No matter how careful we are, there will always be a little bit of oil and grease going down the drain. At room temperature, that may turn into sludge and stay in the disposal and the drain ahead. So, putting hot water down the disposal will melt all the grease and oil.

It can be a situation where that grease can stick with things like eggshells, tea leftovers, and coffee grounds. Now you have a higher probability of having a jammed-up garbage disposal.

If you ever face the issue of using hot water, you must get plumbing Tulsa professionals’ services. Professionals will open up the drain and remove all the grease and sludge to make your garbage disposal work again.

6.      Not washing the garbage disposal after using it.

It is a common practice for people to throw the last bit of food at their disposal and turn it off. Doing so is wrong at so many levels because you are not considering that anything might still be left in there. Reach us today for the best plumbing Tulsa results in town! In fact, visit one of our clients’ web pages today: Paul Davis Corporate – Restoration and Emergency Service Provider.

Doing this regularly can result in buildups that eventually blockage and jams.

The solution here is easy, and you will not even need services from our plumbers Tulsa. Just wash the disposal after using it by running water through it for a minute or two, and you will be good to go. If this solution doesn’t work for you, consider getting our plumbers Tulsa to solve it.

7.      Skipping regular cleaning of your garbage disposal

The last mistake you can make is skipping the regular cleaning and checkup of your disposal. So, check the blades of your disposal every once in a while, and clean them whenever needed. Doing so will ensure that your garbage disposal never gets jammed again. Discover why we offer the best plumbing Tulsa services you’ll absolutely enjoy! How? We work with wise and excellence every day.


Garbage disposal makes a lot of things easier. You do not have to get every bit of food out of the sink when doing the dishes. However, it does not mean you can misuse your garbage disposal because abuse can jam it. So, instead of having jammed disposal that doesn’t work anymore, you can try the solutions we discussed above for the most common causes of jammed garbage disposal. If you cannot deal with the situation, then our best plumbing Tulsa services will solve the issue for you. Visit our company and learn more about our services: About Us | Plumbing Tulsa | Acts of Service Plumbing.