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You and I both know this feeling. After what feels like a million flushes, you anticipate the toilet bowl to drain normally. Not all of the water drains away this time. This number just keeps climbing. The toilet has overflowed, creating a mess on the bathroom floor. Any homeowner knows the frustration that comes from dealing with a plumbing emergency. When a toilet overflows, however, the situation quickly becomes a nightmare. In our houses, the toilet is the device that sees the greatest use. They don’t usually cause problems, but when they do, you need to take swift action to prevent costly flooding and plumbing repairs. Every time this actions can’t be taken by yourself, then you need to consider visiting the best plumbers like plumbing Tulsa for giving you a helping hand.

What should you do?

First of all, DO NOT FLUSH again. If you flush the toilet and immediately see water rising in the bowl, this indicates that there is a clog in the drain that is preventing water from going down the drain and out of the toilet. If you flush the toilet once again, even more water will be blocked from getting around the obstruction, and the bowl of the toilet will fill up with water to an even greater extent than it already has.

Remove the tank cover from the toilet and place it away as soon as possible. Remember that time is of the essence, so store it safely, but don’t bother with towels or anything like that.

Don’t Flush Until

Don’t flush until you’ve turned off the water supply. Near the floor of the lavatory, a pipe with a valve is typically located. To turn off the water supply to the water tank of your toilet, press this valve. Move on to the next step if you are unable to locate this valve or are having difficulty shutting it off.

It’s time to turn off the water to the house. The process should end here. If after doing these three things your toilet is still overflowing, you may have a problem with your sewage line. Whenever this occurs, don’t hesitate to contact plumbing Tulsa for immediate drain-clearing assistance.

But if you want to try more, try tightening the valve properly, the tank’s filling process can be halted by raising the float that controls the fill valve. The water level in the bowl should gradually decrease as the main water supply is turned off. The bowl won’t overflow if you let go of the float and let the water level return to normal after a minute. Keep an eye on the level so you can turn it off before it rises dangerously high.

If the water level does not begin to decrease after approximately one minute, continue to hold the float while you cut off the water supply to the toilet at the toilet supply valve, which can be found near the floor or in the wall behind the toilet; to close it, turn it clockwise (to the right). When you are unable to reach the valve while holding the float, let go of the ball and try to close the valve as quickly as possible while maintaining as much control as possible.

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What not to do with a clogged toilet?

Please refrain from flushing the toilet. Do not flush any chemicals or anything down the toilet; instead, give our plumbers the opportunity to take care of the problem for you. Our plumbers have a wealth of knowledge and will, as a result, know just what steps to do in this predicament. Be sure that you simply follow the steps that have been provided above. And don’t try to be a pro plumber in this situation, consider calling plumbing Tulsa for an instant resolution.

Toilet Tank Flapper

Due to the fact that they have been left going for years and are rarely touched, the shutdown valves occasionally become jammed. In the event that your valve is jammed or for some reason you are unable to access it, the next possible solution can be found inside the tank of the toilet.

Looks locate the flapper within your toilet by lifting the lid off the top of the bowl. The opening in the base of the tank is covered with a rubber disc in this configuration. Even if the flapper is only slightly ajar, water will continue to pour into the bowl if it is at all possible for it to do so. Easily stop the flow of water by pressing the flapper downward with your fingertips until it clicks into place. It is highly possible that you will have to replace the flapper, but even more significantly, this is not a solution that will last forever.

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If everything is under control using the above steps…

Next, you should clear up the obstruction that’s causing the toilet or drain to overflow. Before plunging, remove as much water as possible from the bowl by scooping it into a bucket. You should always be sure to use an airtight seal before utilizing the plunger, and you should always plunge up and down for a full 10-20 seconds.

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