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How To Maintain Your Sump Pump

The sump pump in your home probably does its job without you ever realizing it. When you live in a location with a lot of groundwater, the on-and-off hum of the sump pump becomes an unnoticeable part of daily life.

Depending on how much groundwater is available, the pump might not run for years. Not all homes with sump pumps have owners who are aware of their existence.

You must know where your sump pump is located, how it works, and most importantly, how to maintain it if you want to keep your home in good condition.

What is a sump pump?

Sump pumps are used to drain water from below. A sump is a pit dug into the ground, typically beneath the finished floor of a basement. The sump pump is situated within this hole or basin. There are pressure or water level sensors built into the pump’s valves. Sump pumps are equipped with a discharge line that carries the water out from your home when the water level rises too high. The effluent is the pipe that leads from the sump pump to the sewer system.

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How does a sump pump work?

A sump pump is an instrument that operates in response to rising water levels and pressure. The water level in the basin is detected by a switch that controls the operation of these pumps. The pump operates in response to a switch that is triggered by rising water levels, directing the flow of water via a discharge pipe and away from the house’s foundation. One can use electricity, batteries, or even water to operate a pump. Most sump pump systems have hardwired primary pumps, but many also have a backup pump that can run off either water or a battery in case of an outage.

Clear the sump basin of debris.

To begin the process of cleaning a sump pump, you need first disconnect it from the electrical outlet. If your sump pump is plugged in, you should never clean it.

Then, clean the basin of any large or loose particles. This is necessary to facilitate the removal of the pump for a more in-depth cleaning process. And it’s not a easy to do task by your own, you can call the best plumbers Tulsa at AS Plumbing to do this professionally.

 Clean the pump inlet screen.

The inlet screen for the sump pump can be found at the very bottom of the device. The debris that might otherwise enter the pump and cause damage is filtered out by this screen. The sump pump screen can be cleaned by scrubbing it with a brush to get rid of any dirt or debris that has settled there.

Check the Sump Pump’s Position

Vibrations from the motor of your sump pump is normal. However, the unit’s location can fluctuate due to vibrations and the water within can restrict the movement of the float arm. Continuous pump operation, or the absence of any pump operation at all, may indicate that the pump’s location has changed. Make sure your pump is not just level but also sitting without anything blocking its path.

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Clean the Inlet Screen

Your sump pump’s inlet screen acts as a filter to prevent dirt and debris from entering the pump and causing damage. Basement flooding can occur if water cannot reach the sump pump. Mold can quickly grow in even a little pool of water left standing on the floor of your basement.

Brush it out with water and a toothbrush once every four months to keep it unclogged. If you use your sump pump to remove washing machine discharge as well, you’ll need to clean it more frequently.

Deep Clean Your Sump Pump

Annual cleaning of the sump pump is a simple part of preventative maintenance. The first step is to turn off the electricity and drain pipe from your pump. Then, pull it out of the sump basin and give it a good rinsing with the garden hose to get rid of any remaining sediment or debris. You may also use the hose to clean the grate when it’s off. Use a scraping implement on crusted, intractable dirt.

First, use a wet vacuum to collect all of the water in the basin, and then drain the check valve (the one-way valve on the discharge line that helps prevent water back-flow) into a bucket. Inside, if you see any dirt, wipe it away.  For the best plumbing experience call the best plumbers Tulsa from AS Plumbing at a very affordable price.

Check the Power Source

Once a year, you should test your outlet by pressing the reset button. You can reset your float switch and power supply by unplugging them. In case of damage, check the cord and replace it.

When to Replace Your Sump Pump

Do you need a new sump pump if your current one is a bit dated but still does the job?

Replacement of the entire sump pump may be more cost-effective than repairing a broken motor. Most limited warranties for sump pumps last between three and five years.

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