Common plumbing mistakes that can damage your house

Plumbing is thought to be an easy job. It is because people think they can do most of the tasks alone. However, only having the most basic tools is not enough because there are some technicalities. So, missing the smallest detail can damage the whole house, whether it is some leakage problem or usage of the wrong pipe type. While you know the best plumbing Tulsa practices, it is also important to know the common mistakes.
Top 10 common plumbing mistakes that can damage your house

The following are the 10 most common plumbing mistakes that can damage your house.

Not considering the plumbing pipe type according to its usage

While the best plumbing Tulsa professionals know which pipe type is for what type of usage, not everyone knows. It is the reason why people often end up using the wrong pipe type when dealing with plumbing jobs at their homes.

When selecting a pipe for your home, make sure to know where the pipe will be used and its function. This way, you will use the right type of pipe and never face any plumbing issues at your home.

Over tightening joints when working with metallic pipes

There are a lot of things that use metallic joints. Taps, faucets, showers, toilet tanks, etc. They all have metallic joints, and some pipe joints are also metallic. Those need to be perfectly tight, but some more room is still left. When you do not get the best plumbing Tulsa service, there are chances that you will be over-tightening those joints.

Overtightening can cause cracks that may not appear immediately. So, after some time, there will be leakage, and that will cause damage to your property.

Not using the thread tape correctly.

Using thread tape is important to ensure that all the joints are perfectly watertight. There are many mistakes that plumbers Tulsa and DIYers make when using the thread tape and some of them include:

Using the wrong thread tape

Using too much or too-less thread tape

Wrapping thread tape in the wrong direction

These may seem very few mistakes, but their consequences are huge for your property.

When it is to unclog, using drain cleaners is the first choice.

Whether you are going to unclog your drain or have called some plumbers Tulsa services, the biggest mistake is using the drain cleaner as the first option. It may get the job done, but instead of removing the root of the issue, it only clears the water path for the time being.

That can cause major blockages as the clog passes ahead in the drain. It is something that the best plumbing Tulsa professionals always keep in consideration. So, the best plumbing Tulsa professionals always try to remove clogs instead of using drain cleaners.

Mixing different pipe attachments to get the job done

Some plumbers Tulsa want to get the job done quickly and cheaply. So, instead of using the right attachments at the right spot, they tend to mix different parts at different places. Common examples include mixing Traps, Elbows, Tees, and Wyes.

While that gets the job done, for the time being, it is not efficient. It is because, in most cases, sewage gas will enter the house from drains, which will cause several consequences. Thus, it will damage your home’s environment.

Using the wrong tools

Are you working on your home’s plumbing job instead of getting plumbers Tulsa services? If yes, then there are chances that you do not have the right tools. Professionals make the job look easy because they have the right tools. However, if you do not have the perfect wrench for a job and use something else like pillars to do their job, you can damage things. There could be issues like leakage, cracks, and overtight joints.

Not focusing on the slope.

The plumbing Tulsa work needs to focus a lot on the slope. It does not matter what place you are using the pipe for. If the slope is not right, the water may not flow and drain properly. In the worst case, there will be a flow of sewage gases inside the home.

Not adding enough valves to turn off the water supply when needed

There are several instances when you must shut off the water supply to a specific place. If you or your plumbing Tulsa service provider is not adding enough valves, you may damage your home. It is because whenever you need to shut off the water supply, you will have no option. Leakages or part replacements can get worse in such cases.

Soldering copper pipes with water still in the pipe

Sometimes the plumbing Tulsa service providers are in a hurry. It is also a mistake that DIYers make. When you are going to solder copper pipes and joints, they must be completely dry. If there is any water in there, that will become steam on heating up and cause pinholes in the solder. It will result in leakage, which means you must redo the whole job.

Mixing different pipe types to get the job done

The last mistake and one of the most common mistakes are mixing different pipes. When you get plumbing Tulsa services, make sure that the pipes are used according to their specific functionality. Always check for the type of water you will use and the pipe installation space.

This way, you will be safe from spending extra or going too cheap. Additionally, using the right type of pipes will be better in the long run especially considering the repair jobs. Keep in mind that there are more than 5 different types of pipes made for different purposes.


If you are not getting the best plumbing Tulsa services and you plan on doing things yourself or getting a handyman’s service, then you need to be careful. Make sure the plumbing work at your home does not have any of the mistakes mentioned above. It is because these are the top 10 common plumbing mistakes that can ruin the whole house.