How often should you check the plumbing system during winter to avoid pipe bursts? Learn from a trusted, reliable best Plumbing Tulsa team. 

To avoid pipe bursts, check your plumbing system during winter. If you are not getting proper water pressure in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other point, there is something wrong with your plumbing system. You need to do the inspection right away to find the fault with the help of Best Plumbing Tulsa experts.

You can check the plumbing system after a month at least if you want the pipes to stay intact during winter. If the winner gets extra chilly in the place you live, check the plumbing system after every week to avoid any further problems.

When to check the plumbing system before the winters?

Normally professionals ask you to check the plumbing system after every two years if the summer and winter seasons are not too harsh to handle. It would be wise to check the plumbing system once before the winter season starts and during the winter season.

Pipes freeze during the winters, and eventually, they will burst. So, if you don’t want your pipes to burst, do the plumbing system inspection once in a while.

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Signs your plumbing system is freezing and how to deal with the situation?

Following are a few signs shared by experts at Best Plumbing Tulsa that will let you know that your plumbing system is freezing and you have to take the preventive measures right away:

·         You don’t get water in faucets

You turn on the faucet, and you are just getting cold air coming out of the faucet. Well, the first sign that your plumbing system is freezing is that you don’t get a water supply in your faucet. You might get a few drops of water coming out from the faucet. If the water pressure is not the same in your faucet as it used, you need to check the plumbing system.

You can wrap heat tape around the pipes to keep them warm so they don’t freeze during winter and eventually burst.

·         Frost on the pipes

If the pipes are freezing from the inside, then you will notice frost on the outside of your pipes. A bulge of frost is a sign that the insides are already frozen. So, if you see the pipes, you have to take care of them instantly. If the ice keeps freezing the pipes, they will burst even if the temperature gets too low.

The same solution applies here, too: you wrap the heat tape on the pipes by cleaning the frost. If the pipes are inside your cabinets, then you can open the cabinets and use warm air to eliminate the freezing pipes problem.

·         Crack in the pipes

Are you noticing cracks in the pipes and there is a leakage taking place? Well, during winter, if you notice cracks in the pipes, that is a sign that your pipes are getting frozen. You must keep the temperature moderate if you don’t want your pipes to freeze completely. You have to fill the cracks.

If cold air enters the pipes, they will burst anytime soon. Replace the pipe or tape it so the water leakage will stop.

·         The foul smell of water coming from the faucets

Do you notice some smell from the faucets when you turn them on? This might be a sign of frost inside your pipes that affects the quality of your water. So, the second you notice the water smells, you have to check the plumbing system.

It will take a while before the pipes freeze completely. So, check the pipes and solve the problem immediately.

Tips to prevent pipe bursts in the winter season

Following are a few tips that will help you to prevent pipes bursts in the winter season:

·         Get your plumbing system prepared before winter

If you don’t want your pipes to burst during winter, then you should prepare your plumbing system for the winter. You can wrap the pipes with heat tape because it will cover the insulation system. The pipes won’t freeze during winter, so they won’t burst.

You can keep checking your plumbing system during winter, but it would be wise to take preventive measures instead of facing plumbing system problems during winter.

·         Keep your faucets running in winter

If the winner gets extra chilly and you don’t want your pipes to freeze, your faucets drip a little during winter. It will keep the water flow inside the pipes, so they don’t freeze.

·         Keep the temperature of your home maintained

Never let the temperature of your home drop from 32 degrees Celsius because if the temperature of your place gets low, then it won’t be able to keep the plumbing system working properly. To maintain the temperature of your plumbing system, so the pipes don’t freeze and burst, you have to keep the heating system of your place always working.

Even if you are going out, leave the heating system on because if you turn it off, your pipes might start freezing from the chilly winter effect. Seal leaks in the roof or walls

If there are any leaks or cracks in the roof or walls of your place, then you have to get rid of them before the winter season starts. The cool air coming from the cracks will affect your plumbing system. The pipes might freeze and burst if you don’t take care of those leaks and cracks on time.

Call a plumbing service if you face any pipe burst during winter

If your plumbing system gets affected by the winter season and the pipe bursts, you must call for the plumbing service. You won’t be able to replace the pipe yourself. Check the plumbing system once in a while during winter so you can do the maintenance work instead of replacing pipes later.

Final Remarks:

You must keep checking your plumbing system after a week if the winters are too harsh for your plumbing system to handle. Keep doing the maintenance work; otherwise, your pipes might burst during winter. The situation can get even more critical if you don’t give attention to your plumbing system. Best Plumbing Tulsa will offer you best inspection and maintenance services during winter.

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