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The Top 10 Foods That Can Clog Your Garbage Disposal

Every day, we’re surrounded by a world of trash. Unfortunately, not all of it is as harmless as glitter or plastic bags. Garbage disposals are an essential part of modern life. They’re used to grind up food scraps and make them small enough for your garbage can to collect. But sometimes food debris can cause problems with your garbage disposal unit—and even damage it! So what should you do if you have trouble with clogged pipes?

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Here are some common offenders:
  1. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are not to be put down the drain, as they can clog pipes and drains. They are also known to cause a bad odor in your sink or garbage disposal if they build up over time. If you do want to use coffee grounds as compost, place them in a sealed container with holes poked into it so that air escapes while still keeping the contents moist.

  1. Eggshells

The eggshells are made of calcium carbonate, which makes them very hard and can damage your garbage disposal. If you don’t grind the shell down with a mortar and pestle before putting it in the disposal, it can cause clogs. You should also consider composting eggshells instead of throwing them in your regular garbage bin because this will help keep odors down on the ground where they belong! If anyting like this happens, don’t waste your time, call the plumbing Tulsa.

  1. Fruit rinds

The fact is, fruit rinds can be hard on the garbage disposal. Their size and density can cause them to jam up the blades of the disposal, which means you’ll have to manually unjam it. If your garbage disposal is already clogged and you want to clean it with vinegar, try this method:

  • Pour some white vinegar into the drain of your garbage disposal (you should do this before turning on the power).
  • Turn on power at low speed for about 30 seconds until everything starts flowing down easily. This will help loosen up any food bits that are stuck in there!

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  1. Potato peels

Potatoes are starchy and can get stuck in the disposal. If you have a potato peeler, use it! Otherwise, cut off the top of each potato with a knife or vegetable peeler. These peels are okay for disposal; just make sure to remove them first before putting them in your garbage disposal.

How to avoid getting potato peels in your garbage disposal? Make sure not to leave any scraps from cooking or chopping on top of any food particles (like spinach) before turning on the disposal so that nothing gets caught up in there and clogs up!

  1. Celery stalks

Though you may be tempted to chuck your celery stalks in the trash, they should not be put there. The same goes for composting or putting them in your yard. They will clog up your disposal and cause damage to its motor, which can result in a costly repair bill if it’s not replaced quickly enough.

If you’re still unsure about what to do with leftover celery stalks after they’ve been cut up and tossed into a bowl on top of some other food scraps (like potatoes), just toss them right back into the garbage disposal!

  1. Corn husks

Corn husks are made of cellulose, which is a carbohydrate. Cellulose is not digestible, and therefore it will not be digested by your body. It can also cause blockages in your garbage disposal if you have too many pieces of corn husks in there at once.

  1. Dried pasta, beans, or rice

Dried pasta and beans can get stuck in your garbage disposal, causing a blockage. Rice can clog the pipes as well.

The best way to avoid this problem is by making sure you’re only putting soft foods like bread or pasta through your disposal and not hard ones like potatoes or carrots.

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  1. Nuts and nut shells

Nuts and nut shells can get stuck in the disposal, which can clog it. This is because they’re hard to remove from the disposal and they don’t decompose easily. We offer the best plumbing Tulsa services for our customers.

  1. Grease and oil

Grease and oil are the most common things to find in your garbage disposal. It’s a clog waiting to happen if you don’t clean out the pipes regularly.

If there is grease or oil left on the blades of your disposal, it can solidify inside the pipes, causing them to freeze over and become blocked. This will cause a backup in your sink that may require professional help at times when you need it most!

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  1. Vegetable Peelings

Instead of putting the peels from several potatoes or carrots down the disposal, throw them away. Extra peels will turn into sticky goo and accumulate on the blades, making it impossible to use the food processor. If the pulp from the potato and carrot peels makes it past the garbage disposal, it can clog pipes in the same way that cholesterol does in your bloodstream. It will eventually stop flowing through the pipes, leading to a sewage backup.


So there you have it! Now that you know some of the top things that can clog your garbage disposal, you can go to town in your kitchen and make sure that nothing gets stuck in there. Just remember to wash your hands before touching any parts of the garbage disposal or cooking utensils so that they don’t get contaminated with food particles and bacteria.

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