Having blocked drains are the biggest problem that every one of us has encountered in our life. It can be a very frustrating problem since the flow of water is slowed down, and many other problems can occur, such as the standing of water and not being able to do further chores.

Clogged drains are not only a minor problem but can cause other problems such as corrosion, drainage problems, and sewage problems. However, you can easily contact us if you suffer from slow drainage systems since we offer the best plumbing Tulsa services.

Meanwhile, by the end of this article, you will be able to get information on 8 common causes of slow water drainage and the ways to fix it. Hence, keep reading the mentioned guide.

What are the 8 common causes of slow drainage systems?

Many factors can be a reason why the water system gets clogged up and causes water drainage. Meanwhile, some of the top 8 reasons why the water drainage system gets slowed down and clogged are mentioned below.

1.      When hair gets stuck

One of the major and common causes, why the drainage systems get slowed down is the hair that blocks the drain. Most people face this issue, and usually, men complain a lot about it.

Hair tends to combine with greases and other materials that are sticky and can cause the blocking of the drainage line. The best way to fix these issues is to ensure that all the water drains have protection that can trap the hair and regularly clean the system. It will prevent any possible build-up of hair and grease.

2.      Leftover pieces of soap

Many people might get confused about how a soap that can dissolve in water can slow down the water drainage systems. Well, soaps manufactured with cow fats are a major cause of the preceding problem.

The fat in the soap bar usually mixes up with the minerals in the water and then leaves a very hard substance behind. This hard leftover is also termed soap scum.

It is not only responsible for clogging up the water drains but also stains the bathrooms and water pipes. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for those soaps or shower gels that are not made from fats but instead are made up using vegan resources.

3.      Debris and build-up of dirt

Another reason the water drainage systems get clogged is not washing your bathrooms. You might wonder that the water pipes can easily wash away the dirt on their own, but this is not true. The water pipes will likely get clogged up by the surrounding areas’ dirt and debris.

It is most likely to happen when you wash your clothes down the sink and leave the dirt behind. To avoid this, you should ensure that you clean the area and remove the dirt after washing the dirty clothes.

It will help you in the prevention against the reduced function of the water drainage system. If somehow you cannot get the water drains completely clean, then you can opt for the ideal plumbers Tulsa that have a good experience in the respective concern.

4.      Food leftovers

A very common practice done by most people is leaving the food leftovers behind and not cleaning them away.

You should be conscious that the foods made from a lot of fat and grease are also why the water drains to slow down.

Hence to fix this problem, you should avoid washing such food down the sink and use oil paper that can easily absorb the grease. Yet if the problem is not fixed, you can get the best plumbing Tulsa services since we have the ideal experienced Plumbers Tulsa to help you out.

5.      Deposition of the minerals

The hard water that leaches behind the minerals like calcium and magnesium tends to block the water pipes. These minerals can reduce or hinder the flow of water. Hence, ensure you install water softeners or opt for home-based remedies like vinegar. When you’re looking for the best plumbers around town, please give our team a call!

6.      Avoid the accumulation of tiny objects.

Sometimes, by mistake, you can leave any small objects inside the water sink or drains. It can be a reason that can stop the passing of water through the water pipes. Therefore, to solve this issue, you need to be careful while using things inside the washrooms or washing areas.

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7.      Flushing down excessive toilet paper

One common practice is flushing down way too much toilet paper. This is because a lot of toilet paper down the system can clog it and make cause flushing problems. Hence, avoid flushing down the toilet paper without necessity. If the problem precedes, then you have to take the services from plumbing Tulsa to get the skillful Plumbers Tulsa.

8.      Using a lot of harsh chemicals for cleaning

The use of harsh chemicals causes the water drains to clog. It can slow down the rate of water flow and does not support the flow of water as compared to the normal range. The majority of the plumbers recommends not to use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Instead, you can use mild cleaners that do not have quite high pH.

What is the permanent solution for fixing the slow drain problem?

The permanent solution for the following problem is to contact us, the best plumbing Tulsa. We offer the best and most experienced Plumbers that can fix such issues and do not have very overpriced rates. Make you get affordable rates when you hire plumbers Tulsa services.

Slow draining problems can be very frustrating. Our advice is to inspect the water flow. Hence, for a professional solution, make sure to contact the best plumbing Tulsa company.

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