Drain is a necessary element of every building, and it makes our lives very easy. However, it can only make our life easy as long as there are no issues with it. The most common issue with a drain can be slow flow or complete blockage. These issues might seem small, but you may need the best plumbing Tulsa services to solve these issues.

These issues that seem so small can be so problematic in real life and affect your normal life. So, here we will be discussing the top 5 causes of a blocked drain.

What are the 5 most common causes of the blocked or slow drain?

If you have a blocked or a slow drain, then there are higher chances that you are facing the issue for the following reasons. So, here are the causes along with their quick fix that you can try yourself.

1.      Hair stuck on the drain opening or in the pipes.

The first and the most common cause of facing a blocked or slow drain is hair buildup. Hair buildup is of 2 types:

  1. Buildup on the opening of your drain
  2. Buildup inside the drain parts

While the first one is pretty easy to get rid of, the other one can be a little difficult. The reason for hair causing drain blockage is that it can accumulate inside the flow of water, and it can also bind with other small and large things causing a complete blocking.

What’s the quick fix?

As you know that the first one is pretty easy to deal with, you can simply use a drain cleaning brush to get any hair off the drain opening mesh. If hair is stuck, you can use scissors to cut it off. That sure will be filthy, but that’s the only solution you have got.

If you have hair stuck inside the drain, you can start by baking soda and vinegar to break the structure. Then you can go ahead and plunge it or use some drain hair removal tools. However, the best solution is to prevent hair from going inside the drain in the first place.

2.      Food waste is getting into the drain.

The second most common cause of a slow or blocked drain is food waste getting inside the drain. Food waste includes vegetables, coffee grounds, and grease. All of these start accumulating inside the drain, and there comes a moment when the drain is completely blocked.

Sometimes you do not put all of these things in the drain, but you still get the drain blocked. Only one of them is more than enough to block the drain.

What’s a quick fix for Best Plumbers in Tulsa?

The quick fix for this issue is that hot water can do the job. However, you need to be careful about the piping type because the delicate ones are not made for boiling water. Plunging food waste is the easiest solution, but getting the best plumbing Tulsa services is the most efficient solution.

3.      Toilet paper buildup

Next up on the list is toilet paper buildup. Most people think that toilet paper is flushable, and it will easily pass through the drain, considering how small it gets when wet. However, that is not the case with toilet paper. Once toilet paper starts getting stuck inside the drain, it will catch more toilet paper and other stuff. There will come a moment when the drain will become slow and eventually blocked.

What’s another great quick fix?

The solution you can try out is using a plunger, hoping that it will dissolve or drain away any toilet paper blocking the toilet. However, if the problem stays, getting professional services will be your only solution. If there is slow drainage, then trying our plunger method is worth trying. Otherwise, you should not waste your time and energy and get the best plumbing Tulsa professional services.

4.      Mineral buildup

Have you ever seen that white layer building up on the taps and faucets after some time? That is the layer of minerals and salts. Surprisingly, it can also build up inside your drain pipes. Over time, it can slow the drain, eventually resulting in a block. The problem usually lies in places with hard water because it contains most of such minerals.

How can we give you a quick fix?

Prevention is a common solution where you can make your water soft by installing a water softener for the building. However, getting the plumbing Tulsa professional services is the only fix for you if you have this type of issue. In some cases, you will need a thorough cleaning process, but replacing the affected pipeline is the best solution.

5.      Tree roots

The last and least common reason you face this issue could be tree roots. This cause builds eventually and takes some time to show signs. The problems begin with some cracks in the drain pipes, especially in the underground ones.

Water starts leaking through them, and tree roots are attracted to that water. Once a root gets inside the crack, it will start growing rapidly, which will result in slowing down your drain. It will eventually result in a block as there is nothing you can do to stop the roots from growing.

What can you expect from us?

Fixing this cause is not as easy as the other ones, and you must not try any DIY solutions like the plunger method on this one. Doing so will only be a waste of your time and nothing more. Remember that the professional plumbing Tulsa services will include excavation for the underground drain pipes.

It will also include replacing the piece of pipe with a new one. Another thing about fixing this leakage is to ensure that other parts of the pipe have any cracks where the roots can slide into.


Whether we talk about an office or a household, a working drain is necessary, and you cannot spend your life normally with a blocked one. So, if you are facing any issues with your drain, you can get the best plumbing Tulsa services. Try DIY solutions to make your drain work for the moment, but professional services are what you need for permanent and reliable solutions.