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You work extremely hard to keep your house up to date and to make sure everything functions properly. Your plumbing is one of the most crucial systems that requires maintenance. It can be aggravating when your toilet doesn’t function properly or appears to be damaged, and it can be challenging to know when to give up and replace the toilet totally.

We’ll go over some indicators that it could be time to replace the toilet below.

  • Constant Clogging

An obstructed toilet is unpleasant to deal with. Although they’re not unusual, random or persistent clogs can be a sign of problems. If your toilet is old and low-flush, stoppages could happen far too frequently. You should probably replace your toilet if it clogs more frequently than once per week or if the clogs appear random and strange.

Replace your current toilet with a more effective and efficient one if you don’t want to lose the water-saving advantages of a low-flush toilet. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, low-flush toilets are far better today than they were in the past.

  • Cracks

If you see water pools near your toilet, you might want to look for porcelain cracks. Even while the toilet may function well, leaks can waste a lot of water, and over time, that water exposure can harm your flooring. Additionally, it might cause mold or mildew to grow.

Check the toilet for fractures in the tank or the bowl. To avoid a worsening of the situation, replace your toilet as soon as you notice any or hear continuous running. If you’re unsure whether there is a crack, add dye to the water in the tank or bowl and check to see if the colored water falls to the ground.

  • Multiple Repairs

Toilets shouldn’t require continuous repair. Replace the toilet if you find yourself frequently contacting a plumber to fix it. Investing in a new toilet can help you save money in the long run because frequent repairs can add up. Or, if your toilet needs a lot of repairs done at once, it can be less expensive to replace the toilet. Your plumber can assist you in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of various options if you talk to them about the problem.

  • Being too old

Your toilet might function quite well while being a bit outdated. It may be a good idea to replace your toilet in order to save some money and water, as older toilets are frequently more inefficient than the more recent types. Think of a toilet with two flushing options. You can flush your toilet partially for liquid waste and completely for solid trash. By doing this, you may maximize your utility and water usage cost reductions.

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  • Wobbling

It can only be a matter of some loose screws if your toilet wobbles. The bolts may be simply tightened by a plumber to make sure everything is in the right spot. But wobbling can also be a symptom of more serious issues. If you notice wobbling, have a professional inspect the floor beneath the toilet since it can be decaying away or water damaged.

  • Improper Flushing

Purchasing a new, water-saving toilet can help you reduce your costs if you notice that your water bills are high. A low-flush toilet uses roughly two gallons of water for each flush, as opposed to the typical toilet’s three to five gallons. Such a change can reduce your water usage and expenses if you have a large family or care about the environment.

  • The Leaky Bathroom Sink

Despite the fact that, as we just mentioned, cracks aren’t always obvious to the naked eye, they are nevertheless easier to spot than leaks.

Toilet leaks could go for months without being noticed. You’re not a careless toilet owner; you’re just unaware that you have a leak. Unlike if you had a cracked tank, you probably won’t see water on the floor.

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  • Surface Damage

For decorative purposes, you might choose to replace your toilet if it has numerous scratches on the surface. It could be tough to keep the fixture clean if it has a lot of scratches. Older toilets that have been cleaned repeatedly over the years are more likely to sustain this damage, so if you discover that you’re cleaning your toilet more frequently than is necessary, it might be time for a replacement.

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  • Mineral-accumulating deposits

The minerals in hard water locations might build up in the inlet holes and syphon tubes. Such accumulation can prevent water from flowing freely, which makes the toilet ineffective. By chipping away at the accumulation, you might be able to remove some of the deposits in some circumstances, although this method is not always effective. Your toilet might need to be replaced if the accumulation becomes severe enough.

You now understand when to change a toilet.

We’ve hopefully erased some of the mystique surrounding your home’s most frequently used fixture—the toilet. At the very least, we’ve informed you when it’s time to replace a toilet.

It makes no difference if you have an outdated fixture, a crack, a leak, need several repairs, have blockages, or a toilet that won’t flush. We’re here to assist you in choosing the best course of action.

There may be a variety of different signs that your toilet needs to be replaced, but whatever the cause, make sure you choose a pro to handle the work. Rely on ActsofServicePlumbing for all of your plumbing requirements. We can promptly replace your toilet and assist you in identifying the ideal resolution to your issue. When you are looking for the best plumbing Tulsa repairs, count on our team to deliver.

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