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The plumbing system is used for drainage and water delivery. Different pipes are utilized in this supply and drainage system for various functions, each of which is described below.

  1. Supply or service pipes
  2. Drainpipes or waste disposal pipes

Service pipes are those that connect the home’s plumbing system to the distribution main of the water supply. These service pipes are constructed from various materials, which are categorized below.

·         the copper pipes

·         pipe made of galvanized iron

·         Plastic pipes

·         Lead pipe

·         Metal Pipes

Copper pipes

You will find that copper pipes are utilized when ground water is extremely corrosive to metals. When compared to other pipe metals, copper exhibits strong corrosion resistance along with significant strength and respectable ductility.

Stainless Steel Pipes

Steel or G.I. pipes are far more affordable than copper pipes. However, they erode quickly in acidic and soft conditions. In contrast, since galvanized iron pipes are significantly stronger than copper ones, we can use them in areas with hard water or other environments where corrosion is less likely to occur.

Polythene Pipes

For cold water services, plastic or polythene pipes are utilized. Plastic pipes have many advantages over other types of pipes nowadays, including: 1. They don’t corrode 2. You will find them to be inexpensive 3. The material is lightweight 4. They’re easy to install 5. In addition, they do not need to be threaded 6. They’re resistant to bacterial scaling. The majority of the world uses them; however, they are only effective for cold water supplies. High temperatures cannot be sustained by them.

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A lead pipe

Lead pipe has a high hydraulic coefficient of flow, corrosion resistance, and flexibility. However, drinking water containing lead can have poisoning effects that are bad for people. Thus, it is not recommended


Waste disposal pipes come in a variety of materials. The pipes have varying characteristics depending on how they were made. The following pipes are utilized in the drainage system:

  • Cast iron pipes
  • concrete pipes,
  • PVC pipes
  • asbestos-cement pipes,
  • stoneware pipes, and HDPE pipes are all examples of pipes.
Cast iron pipes

It has sturdy qualities and is able to withstand the weight of sand and slugs without breaking. Our team would love to help with any plumbing repairs. Count on us to deliver the best plumbing Tulsa services.

Cast iron pipes are easily prone to rust and corrosion. You will find corrosion causes these pipes to deteriorate, and a certain diameter reduction is visible.

Cast iron pipes are used in Indoor plumbing networks. Outdoor usage is the least expected.

  1. PVC piping

There are numerous varieties of plastic/PVC pipes available for both drainage and water supply networks.

These are choices that are affordable and simple to maintain. They are also easily accessible.

  1. Cement pipes made of asbestos

In comparison to other solutions, these pipes are inexpensive. However, they are easily breakable.

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Strength and Durability – UPVC pipes are a long-lasting option for all types of plumbing demands due to its strong tensile and impact strength.  Along with its flexibility, UPVC pipes are also rustproof and UV resistant, which adds to their extended lifespan.

  • Non-toxic – UPVC is a completely stable, non-reactive material that can endure temperatures of up to 60 °C. Due to this, it is the perfect vehicle for transporting both potable and other forms of water.
  • UPVC pipes are lightweight and simple to install; they are far lighter than metal pipes. It is simple to handle, transport, and install thanks to its modest weight.
  • Cost-effective because of their lighter weightDuring installation, it lowers labor expenses and is easier to handle and move. Additionally, compared to metal, the material itself is much cheaper to make.
  • Leak-resistant UPVC pipes are available in a variety of lengths, which helps construction workers reduce the number of joints.
  • Maximum Flow – UPVC pipes have a smooth interior surface that reduces internal friction and ensures a free and quick flow of water.
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