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Types of Home Plumbing systems

Three different kinds of plumbing systems exist.

  • sanitary,
  • stormwater, and
  • potable water systems.

Each of these is essential to maintaining the city’s cleanliness and sanitation. Each of these plumbing systems is present in every single home, industrial, and commercial facility. The complete set of fixtures and equipment needed for water supply and drainage makes up the plumbing system.

A building’s water and sewage systems are completely unrelated to the plumbing system of pipes and fixtures that is installed for the purpose of distributing drinkable water and removing waterborne wastes.

 The plumbing system takes four different types of categories into account.
  • Single stack system: This high-capacity pump lift may move slurries or garbage even in opposition to a gravity drain.
  • Partially vented single stack system: Among all plumbing systems, this one is the simplest and most fundamental. The pipes’ system transports waste from water closets, sinks, and washbasins.
  • A single pipe is attached to this This plumbing system uses a single stack, where the vent pipe is connected to each trap by a single pipe.
  • Two-pipe system: This system uses separate pipes to connect the restrooms and to drain the washbasins, bathroom sinks, and other fixtures.



water type

the water that passes through your pipes may be corrosive depending on where you reside. water that dissolves materials it comes into contact with is referred to as corrosive water. corrosive water might be a concern in your home because you don’t want your pipes to start deteriorating soon after installation. water isn’t inherently hazardous, but when it corrodes copper and metal pipes, it also dissolves copper and lead into the water supply, raising safety issues. the degree of acidity in your water supply is determined by a professional water test.

plumbing use

finding the ideal plumbing pipe for your home also requires consideration of the water pressure you need. if you need a plumbing system for a commercial building, chances are good that you want strong water pressure. a pipe must be large and strong enough to withstand significant force in order to maintain high water pressure. since plastic pipes are made expressly for this purpose, they are typically the best choice in this situation.

consider the smoothness of pipes as well if you want to lower running costs. a smooth interior enhances water flow, lowering resistance and, consequently, water usage. because it doesn’t rust in the environment, brass pipe is regarded as being the smoothest.

characters of the soil

the durability of your pipes is significantly impacted by the soil’s composition around them. your pipes will eventually deteriorate in soil that contains too many rocks, dampness, and abrasive substances. it’s also crucial to consider the soil’s chemical makeup. a reaction can occasionally occur when excessively mineralized soil comes into touch with specific pipe materials.

exposure to sunlight

sunlight has an impact on pipes much like it does on our skin. plastic pipes’ surface quality gradually deteriorates due to ultraviolet (uv) rays, increasing their susceptibility to problems and shortening their lifespan. problems connected to temperature variations might also result from excessive sun exposure. it’s not a good idea to have pvc pipes because they aren’t used to transport hot water erected in locations that regularly experience high temperatures. many plumbers employ insulating materials to stop temperature changes from impacting pipe quality as a defense against this.

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choose the appropriate material

Choosing the right pipe for a well-maintained system likely boils down to making sure the material is industry-specific. A pipe utilized in a wastewater system is not appropriate for use in the production of food. For that, a food-grade pump is required. Simply put, you must select a material that will function in accordance with the designated industry-specific system.


A pipe’s inside wall and outside surface must both be strong enough to withstand challenging environmental conditions. It must be resilient enough to withstand changes in temperature, moisture, and usage-related wear and tear. Compared to their equivalents, pvc pipes are far more resistant to these variables. These pipes are very strong and resilient to cracks and fractures.

thermal reactivity

Fluids expand at extremely high and low temperatures, and the pressure that builds up as a result of this phenomena weakens the pipe’s tensile strength, leading to cracks and bursts. PVC, Upvc, and HDPE pipes, on the other hand, are thermally resistant to a large extent. These pipes do not spontaneously ignite without outside assistance because they are resistant to combustion. Count on us to help you with the best plumbing Tulsa services.

nonreactive walls

Chemically charged fluid quickly seeps down metal pipelines, especially liquids with salts and caustic components. For the chemical and petrochemical industries, adopting more adaptable choices like pcv pipes may be more profitable than using metallic pipes. PVC pipes are inert when it comes to handling corrosive chemicals.

an opposition to organic biogrowth

Transporting drinking water is best done with non-reactive, inert pipes. Organic microorganisms cannot build up and reproduce on nonmetal pipes like pvc, upvc, and HDPE. They are perfect for sewage piping and water pipelines because of their special bio-grown resistance.

easily installed

On the one hand, pvc pipes offer a lightweight, cost-effective alternative to heavy, high-maintenance metal and cement pipes in construction. These pipes are simple to transport and set up. Less weight also means that the shipment will be less expensive and won’t require hefty lifting. that also makes it possible to transport several pipes with a great deal less time, effort, and personnel expense.

maintenance cost

Utilize better-quality, corrosion-resistant materials to keep the pipes from needing frequent repair and replacement. PVC, upvc, and HDPE pipes require less energy and material input during production. These pipes require little maintenance and last for many years. The top pipe and fittings brand Kasta manufactures premium, cost-effective pipes for usage in domestic, agricultural, petrochemical, and industrial mining applications. Carefully consider the pipe materials you pick because this decision will have a significant impact on the amount of maintenance required and the lifespan of your piping system.

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  1. It needs to be made of a material that can endure pressure from both inside and outside.

This is the first consideration you should make when selecting the pipe material for your pipeline.

Selecting a material that can sustain intense internal and external pressure is necessary.

If the pipe can’t handle the internal pressure that will be pressing against it, the pipe will rupture while carrying a liquid that is under high pressure and this will cause you to have yet another issue with fixing the pipeline, costing you the loss. Therefore, to avoid the pipe from bursting, be sure to select a material that can sustain high internal pressure.

  1. The pipe material you choose should make joints simple.

We need pipe joints because they are essential for connecting multiple pipes, and you will run into trouble if the pipe material you select doesn’t allow for simple joints. Your work will take longer to complete, and connecting them will cost you a lot of money.

For you to be able to work on your pipeline or plumbing, you must choose pipe materials that can be readily bent and cut. Choose flexible forms of material that are not too difficult to cut, as this will make your task easier when creating these junctions.

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