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Can A Clogged Pipe Cause a Leak?

The answer is yes because when water backs up behind a clog or blockage in a drainpipe, the pipe can burst or water can slowly leak out of the seals and joints. The purpose of a drainage system is NOT to collect water, but rather to allow it to freely move through the system. If the waste pipe is too small, the water won’t be able to drain as quickly as the air. When a drain becomes blocked, the obstruction reduces the pipe’s diameter and, in turn, the water’s ability to go through it. You must resolve this issue as soon as possible, get help from the best plumbing Tulsa at a best price.

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Causes of water damage due to clogged drains.

Paper, hair, and grease tend to clump together and form large masses that can block an entire pipe, preventing the water and whatever else was being flushed from leaving the system. This causes water to back up inside the pipe and overflow, eventually building up to the point where the pipe almost breaks due to a lack of drainage. This “burst” may only be a trickle of water leaking through a tiny hole in the pipe and onto the tile in your kitchen or bathroom, especially if the pipes are quite robust. This can cause the pipe to burst in aging or less strong pipes.

Corrosion is caused by an acidic or alkaline chemical. When your plumbing is clogged up, you might resort to employing a chemical drain opener for getting rid of obstructions and “opening” your drain. But this drain opener is doing more than just getting the clog out of your pipes; it’s also corroding the insides of your pipes and creating small holes you may never notice.

To remove clogs, you may need to use a caustic drain cleaner like lye or bleach, but be aware that this can do serious damage to your pipes. Long-term exposure to this can erode pipes, starting with tiny leaks that balloon into an emergency requiring a complete plumbing overhaul to rectify.

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The Impact of Leaking Water on Your Home

If a pipe in your home breaks or leaks, water will soon be absorbed by the surrounding drywall, flooring, and other building materials. Your soaked walls, floors, and ceilings are a perfect environment for the growth of mold, bug eggs, and larvae, and they also compromise the integrity of your home. In a flash, the damage from that pesky clogged drain can run into the thousands. Some sinks and bathtubs include plastic overflow channels, which are poorly manufactured and often clog easily. Their age-related fragility makes them a breeding ground for the cracks that let water in and cause hidden, cumulative damage.

Overflowing pipes are another potential result of clogged drains. Because water always follows the route of least resistance, it must go somewhere. This implies that water will leak from the threads in your pipes, through the gaps in your caulking, or directly onto the floor. The result of all this is likely to be water damage, either to the interior of your walls or to the ceiling of the room below.

When there is a leak or blockage:

When there is a leak or blockage in the pipes of your home, the water will usually flow outside the pipes and eventually pool in an unrelated area. It may be challenging to identify the source of the obstruction. Roots from nearby trees can invade your sewer line in search of the water and minerals that are carried there. This can be a problem in the foundation or backyard, but it can ultimately lead to broken pipes within the house. This is not something that can be fixed by pouring some drain cleaner down the drain. Professional assistance is required to remove the roots and snakes from your pipeline. The best plumbing Tulsa will give you the best service at a lower cost.

A lot of the things we flush down the toilet, such as cleaning agents and other chemicals, are corrosive and can wear away at the pipe joint seals, leading to leaks. If water is unable to drain from pipes because of blockages, corrosion will set up and eventually cause leaks. This is because clogged and corroded pipes exert more pressure on the plumbing system than younger ones. To sum up, the blockage is a key cause of leaks in older pipes, which significantly increase the likelihood of leaks occurring.

Other Reasons for this problem:

Broken/Damaged Seals

A leaking metal pipe is the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of plumbing problems. However, a worn rubber seal is a frequent source of pipe leaks. These gaskets connect your pipes to the appliances and fixtures in your house. Seals in plumbing systems eventually become brittle, loose, or broken due to wear and tear. Water will condense or even pool around your dishwasher, sink, or other appliances when this occurs.

  Pipe Corrosion

A plumbing system’s worst enemies are rust and corrosion. Your water pipes will rust eventually. Indicators of rust in the pipes that provide your home’s water supply include a change in the water’s color. Corrosion inside the water pipes can create warping on the exposed portions of the pipes. The mineral content and PH balance of the water running through the pipes might become unbalanced, leading to corrosion. Pipes weakened by corrosion become perforated and eventually fall apart. Contact AS Plumbing Town for a best plumbing Tulsa professional pipe inspection and repair if you think corrosion or rust may be to blame for your leaky pipes.

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Incorrect plumbing system installation

No one but licensed professionals should ever attempt to install a plumbing system in a new home (or a refurbished one). A skilled best plumbing Tulsa service, such as AS Plumbing, can ensure that your home’s pipes are laid correctly to prevent future, major issues. The way to prevent future tragedies and costly repairs is to have a professional plumber inspect your problem.

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