Tools to locate any underground waterlines

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Many people are familiar with the term underground waterlines. These are the lines that run below the ground and are used to transport water. But what about underground water sources? How do you locate them?

If you are planning to have a sewer line, then you already know that locating underground water lines is not an easy task. But there are tools, it will help you. Let’s go through the top five of them to find your hidden pipes and drains.

1) Groundwater Stem Plaster Tool

You can purchase a tool like this for less than $100 at most hardware stores. And, it has one of those handles on both sides so you can put out the object without damaging it. It does look like something heavy, but it is very lightweight and flexible to reach around any corners or obstacles. So, if you need some extra digging for soil, it is worth it. Furthermore, you can use these tools in different states as well. You can also find many more such devices that are sold for under $100.

2) Dig Hole Tools for Pipes Underground

These two things are very useful, they help find the underground pipe, pipeline, drain, and earth on which the pipe is buried. There is no need for any equipment to reach the ground where pipelines have gone down. The first thing you need is soil. Then a trench driver or shovel digs the hole for the pipe underground. That hole should be large enough that you would need another hand to go through it, it should be big enough to keep the pipe from going underneath the ground. Then you can move out after clearing the dirt around it just before reaching it. Next, you can cut off about 1/3rd of each side of the hole so you can reach through the pipe.

3) Drip Bag Pump

This little device you can carry on your back will help remove water. However, when water comes out again, its pressure rises and drops. And eventually, it stops for some time. Therefore, it requires very low power to pump. By using the same concept as a mini outlet valve for a faucet, so you can easily open and close it quickly by releasing some air, then slowly release it to fill it.

4) Trench Drill

If you want to drill down into the ground, you can buy a wrench to do it. You can buy it at almost every store, but there are several other sizes available online as well. As it turns out, it is pretty handy when you need to find an underground pipe and/or a drain to access your basement.

5) Pipeline Pads

If you want to get this, it can cost you just over $100. And if you want to try it yourself, then you can even make it by yourself if you don’t have someone else to help you. But, buying it will be tough because this machine needs two hands to operate it. And, you will have to pay for the additional attachments.


You must be aware of the position of any water pipelines or other utility lines if you intend to dig in your yard, as doing so increases the possibility of damage. This could result in flooding in your yard or possibly your entire house, which would be quite expensive to fix.  A PVC pipe is hard to come by. Additionally, not every underground utility locator will work because it needs a unique procedure. We offer the best plumbing Tulsa services!

Steps for Locating Underground Water Pipes

How to track an underground water pipe?

You must utilize a utility line locator that can locate both metal and plastic pipes to locate an underground water pipe. These lines could be formed of either material, depending on the area in which you are now working. So, you’ll need a tool that can find both if you want the most precise results. From there, you can carry out the subsequent actions:

  • Based on the model you’re currently using, set up the utility locator as instructed. When a pipe is discovered, some locators will make a noise (often through the use of headphones), while others will display the information on an internal display.
  • Aim the underground utility locator towards the ground as you move; if you are standing over an underground pipe, the device will alert you visually or verbally. Put a checkmark next to each place that suits your tastes.

The basic procedure for locating subterranean water pipes is as follows, but a utility locator can also employ any of the following strategies:

  • Acoustic Method has been used for centuries. Branches or rods are held over the ground to search for a subterranean spot. While some people doubt the accuracy of this method, others stand by it.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) –This technique, which can locate both metallic and non-metallic objects, can be useful for locating subsurface water pipes. However, it takes a bit more work because you need to remove the hydrant’s cap, correctly install a leak-detecting device, and pressurize the hydrant.
  • The more expensive and specialized method of locating subsurface utility cables is electromagnetic conductivity (EM). It can locate wires or subterranean electric lines, but it cannot locate PVC pipes. But if you know how to use it properly, it can locate metallic pipelines.
  • Ultra-high radio frequencies may penetrate surfaces that might prevent some of the other techniques from working, therefore they are good for usage in moist soil, snow, clay, or standing water. While reading various indicators on the hand-held device, the user sweeps it around the surface.

What Are Your Ideas?

Do you need anything to locate underground water pipes? Let me know in the comments or share suggestions and ideas. Thanks for reading! Need a plumber today? Schedule an appointment with the best plumbing Tulsa team.

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