Common Causes of faulty shut-off valve and how to avoid it from one of the best plumbing Tulsa companies.

The shut-off valve makes an integral part of the plumbing system present in any home, and if those valves malfunction, there could be huge problems for you. If you ever have a faulty shut-off valve, you must not try to deal with things yourself; instead, calling our best plumbing Tulsa services will be a wise decision.

While this valve is not working, you must not try to do anything yourself as it is delicate and can cause further damage. However, knowing how to prevent further damage is important, and here we will explain everything you need to know.

What are the common causes of a faulty shut-off valve?

There could be several causes why the shut-off valve at your place is not working as it should. Here we have elaborated on a few common causes of a faulty shut-off valve.

1.      Shut-off valve seizing up because of mineral buildup

The first type of failure that you may face is the valve seizing up because of mineral buildup. In most cases, the buildup will stay inside the valve, which will not let you know about the issue.

However, in some cases, it can also come out of the valve, making the problem even more severe. In this situation, the valve handle refuses to move for opening and closing the valve.

2.      The shut-off valve is partially closing.

Sometimes the valve is opening and closing, but it is not letting you get all the way. So, when you open the valve, it does not supply complete pressure. Similarly, when you close it, some flow of water continues. This situation can also be caused by mineral buildup inside the valve; in some cases, rust is also the culprit here.

3.      The seals inside the valve become ineffective.

If there are no issues with the way your shut-off valve opens and closes, but it is still not functioning as it should, then there be an issue with the seal inside the valve. These seals are usually made with rubber, plastic, or metal. When malfunctioning, they do not close the water supply, so water keeps flowing.

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4.      The shut-off valve leaks

Another common failure with the shut-off valve is that it may start leaking. While there are no places for the water to come out of the valve, it makes its way from the handle screw, and this failure is also because of a malfunctioning seal inside your valve. In most cases, it starts when the valve is not opening or closing all the way, or it seizes, and you use force to make it work. Force does nothing but makes the situation even worse.

5.      Putting extra force on the valve may break it.

The worst type of failure that can happen with your shut-off valve is that you break it or crack its assembly. In that case, a steady flow of water at a high rate will come out of the valve, and it is not only a failure but also a plumbing emergency that you must get repaired as soon as possible.

How to avoid getting a faulty shut-off valve

Now that you know what causes a faulty shut-off valve knowing how to avoid this from happening will be helpful. So, below are the four best things you can do to avoid any issues with these valves.

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1.      Make a routine of opening and closing the shut-off valve to prevent mineral buildup.

There is a mineral buildup inside your shut-off valve because it is always kept in the same position. If you close it, it stays closed for a long time, and when you open it, it stays open.

Keeping the valve open for a long time is common among many people. So, when trying to avoid a faulty shut-off valve because of mineral buildup, you must make a routine of opening and closing it.

What this does is that it breaks any mineral buildups inside the valve while they are not too hard. This way, the valves stay free from this issue and work flawlessly.

2.      Never put extra force on the shut-off valve if it is stuck

The next thing you need to do to avoid any issues with the shut-off valve is to never put any force. In most cases, when the valve handle is stuck or seized, people often try to extend the handle with a wrench or some other thing to apply more force. What this does is that it puts extra pressure on the whole valve assembly resulting in the valve cracking.

So, when the valve at your place is not working as intended, you must call the professionals instead of trying extra force on the valve. If you need professional help, certainly call us for the best  plumbing Tulsa repairs.

3.      Spray the valve with WD-40 and see if that helps

Say that you cannot wait even for our Plumbers Tulsa who reach immediately, and you must try anything that works. Then you should try and spray the valve thoroughly with WD-40 spray. It is known to break any rust inside the valve, and in no time, the valve will start rotating like it should if the issue is because of the rust in there.

Make sure to wait for a few minutes after spraying it. Also, remember that you do not need to apply any force. However, if the issue was not because of rust, this spray may not help you more than creating additional lubrication.

4.      Get professionals to inspect the shut-off valve at your place

If you try everything but nothing works to solve your issue, then the last thing you can do is to call our plumbers Tulsa. We make sure to reach you immediately, and with the right experience, our men will help replace or repair your shut-off valve. It will resolve any issues at your end.

Final Remarks:

A shut-off valve can save you from many issues as it allows you to completely cut off the water supply. However, when it fails to work, there could be several problems. So, instead of dealing with those problems, you must call our best plumbing Tulsa services.

Our professionals know how to deal with a faulty shut-off valve and will assist you in repairing the issue immediately.

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