This is a guide on how to repair an underground water pipe. If you need additional assistance, please call the best plumbers Tulsa team!

A broken and damaged underground water pipe can be a problematic condition for the majority of people out there. We all might be aware of several water leakage problems that might occur in your toilets or wash basins. However, a broken underground water pipe is something that needs to be repaired as soon as possible and it needs more time from the plumbers since they are not easily visible.

A lot of times a broken underground water babe seems to be a very expensive procedure but in reality, it is not. With the right Plumbers Tulsa, you can get the best plumbing services.

Hence, by the end of this article, you will be able to know more about the best plumbing Tulsa ways that can be a solution to your problem.

A guide on how to repair an underground water pipe

There are many ways the help of which you can be able to fix your underground water pipes but not every way tends to work every time.

1.      Finding out the leak

Before you get started with fixing damaged water pipes is to check and look out for the leakage. This step is quite important and holds a strong base for determining how much work needs to be done to fix the leak. Among several ways, the one way to do so is to run a sightline from where the water line starts and ends to your home.

The damaged water pipe will be present below the ground that tends to appear soft, wet, and soaking. Hence, that will be the area where you will start your digging.

2.      Finding out the ownership of the damaged water pipe

Several communities have many ways to fix their issues. Often people do not get the issue fixed because of the cost involved. If you are confused about this issue, then you can us for exceptional plumbing services!

Meanwhile, if talk from a general perspective then we can say that the house owner tends to have the right to do any changes even if it means fixing underground damaged water pipes.

3.      Turn off the supply of water

It is vital to turn off the water supply. Perform this task immediately. The moment you discover the underground water pipes are damaged, you can further inspect the situation. By performing this task can save you much time and energy. Hence if you must turn off the supply of water from the main valve of your home, then we suggest doing so right away. This will turn off the supply of the water tank that is directly attached to your home.

This helps in the prevention of further damage to the pipes since the water cannot be contaminated underground.

Preferably it is recommended that you should use a toolbox to turn off the water valve but if you are taking your services from the plumbers Tulsa or plumbing Tulsa company then you should not worry since they offer the best Plumbing Tulsa services.

4.      Start digging a trench

Now the next step is to start digging a trench that will lead you to the exposure of the damaged underground water pipe. You can do this by removing the twine and digging underground. To limit the concentration of the sod, we recommend cutting it with the help of a spade. By performing this action, it can keep the items separated.

You need to keep in your mind that the system of underground pipes does not work like sewage pipes. By that we mean the water pipes are just below the freeze line or area so you can easily locate the damaged water pipe after a few minutes of digging the trench.

5.      Eradicate the water from the surroundings or the pipe

if the water keeps on Collecting and resurfacing again then you might have to bail the water by using a bucket. Once you get near the area of the damaged pipe You can then drain out the remaining water by using a vacuum.

Nevertheless, if the water leakage is very severe or next level then you might need to contact a professional Plumbing Tulsa company. Since they offer the best plumbing Tulsa services and have quite a handful of skillful workers.

6.      Exposing the leaking water pipe

You must have an ample amount of space around the leaking water pipe since you need to jump in and reinstall a new one. You can do this with the help of an ax or by contacting professional plumbers that can do the job for you.

7.      Repairing the damaged water line

Now it depends on the life span of your home. The setup up your pipes is very important. The reason why is important because it will determine how well operation runs. In addition, the quality of your pipes is important too. Did you know? There are many plumbing pipes on the market today. For example, the pipes come from materials such as copper, galvanized steel, and PVC. Generally, this pipe is around dimensions 1 inch in diameter.

Meanwhile, the majority of the codes refer that the underground water pipes should not be lesser than 3-4 inches of the total diameter. The next step is to cut out the damaged parts and fix it with similar material. The type and the number of total tools needed for this work might differentiate from each pipe. Hence, this might be the point where you might need to contact a professional plumber.

8.      Testing the water pipe repair

Check to see if the repair is perfect or not. You can do this by running the water supply and then checking if the water is leaking out from the underground pipe that you just fixed. If yes, then you need to sort out your mistake. If there is no leakage of water then you can fill up the trench. When you would like to learn about one the client’s we had the pleasure of serving, please visit: Paul Davis Corporate – Restoration and Emergency Service Provider.


Fixing an underground water pipe is not a tough job. However, depending on the material of the pipe you might need professional assistance. You can contact our Plumbing Tulsa company for further help. Of course, you can visit our website at About Us | Plumbing Tulsa | Acts of Service Plumbing.