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It will happen. Your kitchen or bathroom will get clogged every few days. It might frustrate you. Have you tried to find out why the sink gets clogged often? You can get Plumbers Tulsa to unclog the clogged sink but first find the reason. If you know the reason, you will start avoiding those activities that cause such problems.

Reasons why your sink gets clogged often?

Here are a few common reasons that might be the cause why your sink gets clogged:

1.      Hair might be the culprit

Hair is the number enemy of sinks and basins. The most common reason your sink gets clogged is that hair gets stuck. Few hairs might not cause clogging, but if the number of hair increases in the sink, they will block the sink. Sometimes you brush your hair in front of the sink because there is a mirror on the wall, and the hair will fall in the sink.

They will clog the sink if you don’t remove the hair from the sink. Therefore, you need to do this activity. There is another way to save your sink, and that is to take out the hair from the sink the minute you are done brushing your hair.

2.      Food wastage

If we talk about your kitchen sink, the most common reason for clogging is food leftovers. If you don’t clean your place before you wash it, then the food particles on the plate will clog the sink; this is why you need to clean the plate in the basket before washing it.

You can use tissue paper for this purpose but try to avoid washing plates with food on them in the sink. Sometimes you find tiny leftovers in the dish, and you don’t bother to take them out before you wash them. Those leftovers might make not clog the sink at first, but they might get stuck in the drain of the pipe. Eventually, it is going to become the reason why your sink is getting clogged after every 2 to 3 days.

3.      Tissue papers

If you or someone keeps throwing tissue papers in the sink, it will eventually clog. Yes, the tissue buildup will block the sinkhole. Both situations lead to sinking clogging, whether the tissues are in the sink or get into the sink pipes.

Therefore, you need to avoid throwing tissue papers in the sink. If you find someone throwing tissue papers, you should take them out. Otherwise, you will have to call Plumbing Tulsa services to unclog the sink.

4.      Mineral buildup

If you don’t clean the drain of your sink, then mineral buildup will happen inside the drainpipes. You might not notice anything wrong with the sink, but the problem will be in the drainpipes. Mineral buildup clogs the sink.

For cleaning mineral buildup, you might have to call for Plumbing Tulsa services because taking care of mineral buildup on your own is not going to be easy.

5.      Damaged pipes

Every home will experience damaged pipes. If a part of the pipe breaks or clogged by oil, then it will lead to trouble. You need to check the pipes whether they are okay or not. Damaged and old pipes are a big reason your sink gets clogged often.

Solutions for clogged sinks you need to know about

Here are a few solutions for your clogged sinks:

Hot boiling water

The easiest way of getting rid of your clogged sink is boiling water. If you think there might be food particles or any other item that will melt away with hot boiling water, then you should try this method. Yes, without any hassle, you can take care of your clogged sink.

Will boiling water work? Maybe. It is worth giving it a shot. You might have to repeat the process a few times to clear the sink. Hot boiling water is one of the effective remedies for unclogging a clogged sink within no time. If this solution works, you don’t have to call Plumbers Tulsa.

Home-made remedy

Vinegar is a vital ingredient when it comes to unclogging clogged sinks. You must mix 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup vinegar and make a solution of both elements. Pour the solution through the drain. After pouring the answer, plug the drain. Keep it that way for about an hour.

It’s likely the sink will become unclogged. You can also pour a pot of hot boiling water after the vinegar and baking soda solution. Repeat this process if you think that the sink is still a little clogged, or else you have the option of Plumbers Tulsa.

Get Our Professional services.

If you have tried everything with the clogged sink, then there might be a reason the sink is clogged that you have no idea about. When this scenario occurs, Best Plumbing Tulsa is the best solution you are left with.

As we have mentioned above, sometimes the drain pipes break. When this happen, then you need to call a professional. You won’t be able to deal with this situation. Therefore, you will have to call us and hire Best Plumbing Tulsa to get rid of your clogged sink.

A drain cleaner might help

Most drain cleaners are good to use. A drain cleaner prevents clogging of our sink. Purchase these items at local hardware store. The drain cleaner should be able to clean the mineral buildup in the drains. Most of the time, Best Plumbing Tulsa also uses drain cleaners to clean the gutters and unclog your sink.

Final words:

Sinks clogs easily. We hope this article clears up any confusion and gives you a peace of mind. Still need help? No worries, Acts of Service Plumbing is only a phone call away. Therefore, you need to contact our Plumbers Tulsa. Professionals will do the unclogging, and you need to avoid those activities that cause sink clogging.

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