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7 Common washing machine problems and Solutions

Washing machine shuts down completely between washes

If your washing machine turns off suddenly or doesn’t turn off at all, you may have a power problem. Make sure the power cord is properly connected and plugged in. On your new washing machine, be aware of any error codes you may see on the control panel or app, and refer to your owner’s manual to find out what they mean.
The washing machine automatically stops when it detects that the lid is open. So if the lid switch is broken or almost off, you may have a problem here. In many cases, you can see or touch the washer lid switch to determine if it is damaged.

Weird rattling noise coming from the washing machine

It’s normal for all washing machines to vibrate to some degree, but if your washing machine suddenly starts making rattling or squeaking noises that weren’t there before, it’s time to investigate further. This can often be caused by defective or rusted ball bearings that move the drum or tub, or worn belts (this may vary depending on the washer design). Some drums have clutches that can disengage with excessive use, resulting in a loud scraping sound.

A little mechanical expertise can remove the back panel of the washer and inspect it with a flashlight for any obvious damage, but sometimes it’s best to seek professional help. Also, if your washing machine uses an oscillator, make sure it is not blocked and is still functioning. As always, keep in mind that overloading or unevenly loading your washing machine can cause strange sounds to come out of it.

No more water coming out of the washing machine

This is one of the most common washing machine problems and the solution usually lies in the drain hose. The drain hose works in conjunction with the drain pump to suck water out of the washer drum when that part of the cycle is complete. Locate the drain hose (not to be confused with the fill hose) and check for any kinks that could block water flow. If that doesn’t work, carefully unscrew the drain hose and make your own plan for what to do with the leaking water. Check for blockage at the drain hose inlet. This can be dirt, small items of clothing such as socks, pills, and many other things. You can also spray water all over the house or carefully pry the hose with a wire to see if you can clear the blockage. An empty cycle at the highest temperature may also clear the clog, but this is not very reliable.

If you don’t see any signs of a blockage, or if you want to try something else while there is still water in the drum, check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to reset the washer (usually by turning it off). is recommended.

The washing machine drum has stopped spinning or is not spinning reliably

This is another typical problem often caused by overloading the washing machine with too many clothes. Reduce the load and see if the spin dryer spins. It may also help redistribute the laundry, especially if the washing machine has stopped spinning in the middle of a program.

In this situation, the lid switch should also be checked to make sure it is working properly or has not stopped working unexpectedly. Also, if the drain pump fails, the washing machine may stop spinning for safety. If you hear a loud bang before the washer stops spinning, or if the washer continues to spin until you turn it off, it indicates a problem with the belt or motor. This is a good sign that the problem needs to be addressed by a professional.

The washing machine door got stuck in the lock

First, make sure the washing machine is completely turned off. Then look for reset options manually or in the app. This often provides an easy solution. As soon as the washer has finished all its wash cycles, try running a new cycle and it may change position enough to find that the washer is now able to unlock. Washing Machine Vibration Causes Problems


Washing machine starts leaking water

A leaking washing machine is a terrifying discovery and unfortunately can have many different causes. If your washing machine is leaking water during the wash cycle, this could indicate a leak in the water supply hose or a broken or damaged water supply valve. If the water leak occurs primarily during the spin cycle of your washing machine, this indicates that the drain hose or drain pump may be damaged or loose.

On the other hand, if the front of the washer is leaking visibly, it’s a sign that the door seal may be worn and damaged, a problem found in older washers. Too much detergent can cause your washing machine to leak suds, but it’s not actually a machine malfunction, so it looks far more serious than it actually is.

Bottom line is – you must take care of your washing machine. If it is irregularly checked by you or professional plumber or professional plumbing company, the problems can cause even bigger ones, like flood or even mechanical damages of the room where the washing machine is.

If you are suspicious about some kind of problem with the functioning of the washing machine (including the listed above) and you are nor skilled to solve the problem, call a professional plumber.

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