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10 Tools Needed for Do It Yourself Plumbing in your home?

For novice plumbers, it is important to have the right tools. It’s easy to get confused about which plumbing tools are needed for each situation. That’s why we’ve created her list of 10 essential plumbing tools every plumber should own.

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1. Endoscope

An endoscope is a type of camera. Used to examine pipes where it is difficult to see what is going on with the naked eye. With this tool, you can get closer to your immediate and personal problems, so you can find them sooner, before they become bigger problems later.
There are three types of endoscopes:
Direct viewing endoscope (used when water or low-pressure gas is flowing through pipes).
Video endoscopy (useful for areas where high pressure creates more resistance).
Mixed flow endoscopic camera. Works well in both situations.
Borescopes can be used for a variety of applications, from checking drains for blockages to inspecting sewage systems. A professional plumber should always have these tools with them. Check out our ultimate review of the best endoscopes on the market.

2. Beaker flask

A beaker flask is one of the basic plumbing tools. Used to remove air and liquids from pipes. The plunger usually has a rubber cup that pushes against the tube, allowing it to generate pressure and suck all these items. This tool also fits sinks and toilets when you need to clear a blockage, such as a paper towel (or other material) blocking the way.
This type of flask does not require electricity or water to function. Therefore, it is useful in an emergency. It features an extended handle that gives the user more leverage when using this plumbing tool.

3. Adjustable pipe wrench

Adjustable pipe wrench provides firm leverage and grip. This type of wrench is suitable for tight spaces. It also allows the plumber to cover his 360-degree range, making it easier to reach stubborn, stuck nuts and bolts in hard-to-reach places.
The adjustable pipe wrench has jaws that work on pipes approximately 3″ to 6″ wide. However, care must be taken not to over-tighten the jaws when using this plumbing tool. Failure to do so may damage internal metal parts, leading to major problems that simple repairs cannot solve.
The downside is that the wrench leaves teeth on the delicate pipe. Another drawback is that this type of wrench is not suitable for corroded pipe as rust can cause the jaws to slip off when turned.

4. Duct clamp

Duct pliers are also called “slip joint” pliers. With a single handle, it can be easily attached to pipe or tube fittings. You can tighten nuts and bolts, cut wires without overheating your hands, and even manipulate small objects such as bead wire while working near running water.


Flush drills and drum drills are also useful plumbing tools. Shaped like a drill, it is used to unclog drains. A snail has two to three teeth that rotate as it moves forward. This helps clean the pipes by using water pressure to push debris out of the pipes. The auger consists of a long rod connected to a handle with three rotating heads at the end. Augers can be used for a variety of plumbing purposes besides clearing blockages. This could be unclogging pipes or descaling drains.
Drain snakes (also called augers) have two teeth that rotate rapidly in opposite directions when inserted into a drain. This creates a pressure wave that pushes the dirt through the narrow pipe opening. Several types are available:

Manual, electric worm drive, pneumatic hammer drill, waterpower.

6. Faucet valve seat wrench

A faucet valve seat wrench is a basic tool used to remove and tighten faucet valve seats. This wrench can be used on any size or style of faucet, but usually the seat diameter is 1/4 inch or less (which is small).
The main advantage of this tool is its ability to hold things firmly. Because there are two hole sizes on each side to accommodate different sized banjo bolts. The downside of this tool is that it tends to snag if dirt builds up around the object to be clamped.

7. Pipe cutter

The pipe cutter has an adjustable head that allows you to cut pipe to a set length. Features exposed blades on both sides of the tool. This makes it easier to cut the pipe directly.
The main drawback of this particular type of cutter is that it cannot be used on certain materials such as aluminum and plastic pipes and fittings. Because these varieties are too hard for the blade.

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8. Hacksaw

A hacksaw is needed if you need to cut thick material. A hacksaw has a thin blade with teeth on either side of the saw frame. This type is often used for metal pipes and other heavy industrial applications.
One drawback is that it is difficult to use when cutting long, straight pipes. Because these guys don’t have much control over cuts and angles. Hacksaws are designed to make short, discrete cuts along the entire length of a pipe. Another drawback is that this tool does not have replaceable blades. Once you get tired of it, there’s nothing you can do about it until you buy a new one.

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9. Tape made of Teflon

Tape made of Teflon is a type of insulation used to protect pipes from water leaks. The slippery surface makes it easy to wrap around pipes without sticking. This is a thin white tape commonly used by plumbers to keep pipes from leaking. Also, this material withstands high temperatures, and low pressures.


All plumbers should include a tape in their helping kit. This is an important tool for measuring pipe lengths to ensure all pipes are cut and installed correctly.
Tape measures can be used on any surface, including uneven surfaces such as concrete or gravel floors. This saves time troubleshooting problems such as leaks and blockages in plumbing systems.

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