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6 ways to stormproof your home (in case of severe storms, such as tornadoes or hurricanes)

Severe storms can damage your home and make you lose a part of your profit. In long term, this is bad for your family budget. Always consider weather forecast and be informed if some storm of tornadoes are arriving in the place you live. You can’t hide the house but can make securing measurements to make the damage as low as possible. So, here are 6 ways to stormproof your home in case of storms.

Take anything not secured from the yard in your home.

If you want to protect your home is always to prevent accidents. Take away any kind of toys, street furniture, unsecured pots, pans, also all the garden inventory used for digging, because they can be lifted from the winds. The pointy and sharp items can slam on the walls and make big holes. The gardening furniture or street furniture can even damage the roof if they are lifted above the hose level.

The flower pots or any kind of pots is better to be put inside the home, and if this is not possible, should be secured. If this is an issue, call authorized professional to make sure that the pot won’t make more damage on the home.

If you have some additional open spaces in the yard, make sure that they are covered securely with wooden or metal covers. All the items used in that spaces must be put in the house. These include: grills, utensils, plant pots, slides, rugs etc.

Place an electricity generator

In some buildings – like hospitals and other similar services – there must be an electricity generator. The power there must never be cut off. In your home for affordable price you can buy an electricity generator (smaller in size, of course). It must be protected from outside influence (storms, rain, moist, snow etc.) and outside of the home. When storm arrives, can provoke shortage of electricity. As a home owner or if you live in rented place, you will not be left in the dark. In case of need, store some batteries, flashlights, candles with matches hidden in the home. They should be stored away of reach of small children, in dry rooms. Also, they must be locked and the residents of the house must always know there the keys are.

If the storm is very big, during the biggest winds, do not turn on any electricity. Turn off the main generator and also the additional one.

Protect the windows with special window shutter (also door shutters)

The protection of windows must be done properly to avoid down grading the cost of the damage by insurance companies. If you do live in area which is frequently affected by any kind of harsh storm (including hurricanes) these special shutters will protect the windows from sharp items of shrapnel. They can be also used as a protection from thieves. As a less costly solution, put a plywood on the edges of the windows and covers on each window. There are several ways to put it, but if you are not sure how to do it – ask for a professional service of a handyman to do this.

Systems for protection of the garage and special featured protection for garage

One of the weakest spots in a house is the garage. The panels can be twisted and taken off the bolts. In areas where severe storms can occur, the local authorities are demanding these kind of garage protection.The basic system for protection must be put as a vertical brace (several braces), a metal track and also the protective parts must be made of steel. Sometimes the expensive solution is to buy a new garage door and replace it. If you live on a budget, consider the special featured protection. There are several on the market. They also make barrier which also makes the house water resistant and prevent flood. When you use this kind of system, you do not need to place sandbags on the bottom of the garage door.

Putting sheathing on the roof and securing with nails

One of the most important things that needs to protect us during a storm the roof. The protection is made of plywood and must be secured with special nails. This can be easily redone and you can restore the previous condition, or you can take it away during replacement of the roof. There are several videos and guidelines how to do this on your own, but if you are not sure – call a professional services or a handyman.

Put roof which is specifically made for storms

If the damage on the house is made by collapsing the roof, it is more severe than any other damage. If you are building or restoring a house, consider putting this type of roof. So, you will only need to put instalment on the windows and doors. When buying, consider standardized type and ones from a company with good reputation. These roofs are made by materials which replaced the old ones: aluminum + Zink, coil, sometimes added plastics, metals, clay tiles etc. They are more durable and resistant from storms.

Turn all the plumbing installation off

If you have a central heater/cooler, or any kind of centralized equipment it is best to turn it off. Check the piping and the gauges. The electricity and velocity of the storm can damage the electrical parts. If is necessary, use additional items to heat or to cool the place, but you should use them locally – only in one room. When the storm is gone, never turn the equipment before it is checked by professional plumber or plumbing service.

The best suggestion is to stay away from these places – windows, garage door and other doors when the storm hits. So if they are damaged, you won’t be hurt. So, if there is a basement – better to go there for a while. Make sure that the house is insured from storms.

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