You need to shut off the water in your home in several situations, whether it’s for house repairs, an emergency caused by a burst pipe, or when you’re going on vacation. Regardless of the reason, knowing the right way to safely use this valve outside of your home is very important. These valves are rarely used, and most people don’t know how to find or use them. As a result, they often end up causing more disasters than they are trying to prevent. If you encounter any issues or uncertainties, it’s wise to seek assistance from the best plumbers Owasso to ensure a smooth and safe process.

Five Steps on How to Find Water Shut Off Valve Outside.

Here are the 5 steps that you can follow to find the shut-off valve outside your home for safely using.

1.      Start checking the valve near the street.

The most common location of the shut-off valve is near the street. The valve is present near the front boundary of the property because the main pipeline is present there. So, you can look for a covered box in the ground, which will be labeled as a meter box in most cases. The box is usually made from metal or plastic, and if you have grass in that area, finding it may be a little hard if the grass has covered that box.

2.      Open your meter box once you find it.

The next step to find your water shut-off valve is opening the meter box. You must carefully remove its lid using a suitable tool, a meter box key, or other tool. Some boxes only need you to lift the box cover to open it. Once you open it, you can see a meter and other components.

Remember to be careful when you open the meter box as some insects and small animals could be in it.

3.      Identify the shut-off valve among different components.

There will be a water meter and some valves inside the box. One of them will be a shut-off valve, which can either be a lever-style or circular wheel-like valve. Usually, the valve connected directly with the supply of water is the shut-off valve. If it is a lever-style valve, it will be parallel to the pipe in an open position and perpendicular in a closed position.

4.      Test the valve to ensure that it is the right one.

You must test the valve to ensure you are working with the right one. It is a basic step since you will close the valve and test any tap or faucet in your home to see if the water supply is still running. If the tap is at a lower level with other plumbing fixtures in higher areas, some water from the higher fixtures will run quickly before the water stops running.

After testing the valve, you need to turn it back on.

5.      Mark the valve and location once you are done

The final step here is marking the valve and its location. You can use marking tape or a label to mark the valve. The next part of this step will be marking the location of the meter box. You can use it using a flag or some sort of decoration. Now, whenever you need to access that valve, you will already know the location and the valve to close. So, now you may educate your family members about the valve.

With these steps, you can easily locate the shut-off valve in the future, and so can other people at your home.

Tips to follow when using the shut-off valve at your home.

Now that you know the right way to find the water shut-off valve at your home if you use it, here are some tips to ensure safe usage.

1.      Turn the valve slowly.

Always turn it slowly, whether you are closing the valve or opening it. The type of valve does not matter here, and this rule applies to all types of shut-off valves. It is to prevent any physical damage to the valve externally or internally. Moreover, it helps prevent a water hammer that can damage pipes and appliances.

2.      Use the right tools only.

Some valves are hard to turn by hand, while others require a special tool. Either way, you must pick the right tools that perfectly transfer your force with the right grip. In this way, you will efficiently use the valve without damaging it.

3.      Do not turn if it seems jammed, and call a professionals

Sometimes, you cannot turn a shut-off valve because this valve is not used very often, and it gets jammed. You may pick the right tool for opening the valve, but it still does not open. Instead of putting unnecessary force, you need to call a professional. They will repair or replace the valve to make it usable for emergencies. Never hesitate to call us, the best plumbers Owasso, for your plumbing needs.

4.      Regularly test the shut-off valve.

Testing your shut-off valve every once in a while is a good idea. This way, you stay familiar with its condition, operation, and location. Moreover, regular testing will help you get the valve if it needs professional attention. Otherwise, the valve will be inoperable in an emergency.

5.      Slowly turn the faucets back on to prevent water hammer.

Once you turn the valve on, open the faucet in your home slowly. It helps release the air pressure without causing a water hammer. This way, your property and plumbing appliances are saved along with the pipes. This is because a water hammer can cause damage in several ways.


Every homeowner should understand how to identify and use the water shut-off valve outside their home, especially when it comes to plumbing emergencies or home repairs. Knowing these five measures helps prevent water damage and expensive repairs, whether dealing with a plumbing emergency, doing home repairs, or simply trying to be ready.

You can protect your home and enjoy peace of mind by knowing where the shut-off valve is and ensuring it is working. Always remember that a little caution and proactive effort, along with the assistance of the best plumbers Owasso, can help avoid more serious problems in the future when it comes to home maintenance.

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