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Five Common Water Well Problems for Homeowners in Rural Areas

Wells are mostly used in small villages, where are not many people. The place can be also very distant and unable to connect to regular piping system from another town or village. Always be aware that this kind of wells must be checked for: water quality, residuals and salt in water. Here, by the term “salt” we consider all types of salts in the ground, not the salt for eating. The water in the well have higher upper limit for contaminants due to the inability of chlorination or other modern techniques to clean the fresh water. We must consider also the sewage system and it must not be near the wells for fresh water. The villagers must be responsible and be careful when disposing the waste and using the fresh water. Here are the five most common problems in rural areas.

Contamination with salt

This is a very expensive issue. It can be solved if the well has a deep aquifer connected to the freshwater lines. Then you could seal the saline lines. Sometimes when people in rural areas want bigger quantities of fresh water, they dig deeper and will contaminate the water with saltwater lines.

To avoid this, it is better to dig another smaller well, so it can provide more freshwater.

Residues of fertilizers and pesticides

Small temporary and permanent farms use harsh fertilizers and pesticides. The big farms in the last few decades are divided in smaller portions, with lower yearly income. The better solutions for fertilizers are often more expensive. The chemicals move in the soil and go in the water lines in the ground. They often cannot be neutralized with the natural decomposition in the ground due to the different chemical composition. The chemicals cannot decompose due to the laboratory made (not from the nature) components.

That is why a whole agenda is made to change these chemicals with natural ones – made from natural components. In this way the underground water lines won’t be contaminated.

Using septic system

Sometimes the rural areas do not have a plumbing, but septic systems. The septic system must be drained when it is full. In some cases, it can have leakage and can contaminate the underground water lines. It is important how the reservoir for septic system is positioned. This system must be regularly checked by plumber or professional plumbing company. The waste of it must be regularly pumped out. These operations must be made professionally, and the villagers must not perform this task. Often villagers do the pumping out of the septic system and this can cause problems with the pipes. If this is not solved, the water from wells can be permanently contaminated.

Position of the houses, septic system and contamination

If the houses are places on different places on the hill, the house on the highest point will get the most clean water, because the septic system won’t contaminate the ground. And the house which is positioned lowest will have the most contaminated water.

About the position of the houses, the water can be contaminated by lacking central septic systems, if all the small industries are discharging the waste water in it, like: auto repair places, washing machine places.

Hazards under the ground (unknown origin)

If the land was previously used by unknown owner, there can be other pollutant of the underground water lines.

Several possibilities are written below:
  • Dump places (for different chemicals)

Some previous owner could use the place to dispose industrial wastes or commercial ones, and then he covered with soil and also some plants could be growing there. Sometimes the new owners build houses and do not consider the removal of the buried waste. The new owners must seek the previous usages from the former owners. In this manner the water line won’t be polluted.

  • Old and abandoned well.

These kinds of wells are commonly used by the local companies. Some wells which are contaminated are used by the car garages which produce waste motor oil and put it in this kind of well. Others, like laundry places, use this kind of well for disposal of wastewater and to prevent clogging of the septic system. This kind of wells must be filled and then sealed, not to be used for this kind of uses and to contaminate the nature and underground water lines.

  • Old fruit trees lands or vegetable lands

Sometimes this kind of lands can be used to build homes. Even if they are pleasant for the eye, must consider that they have chemicals used (pesticides and fertilizers) to improve the growth of the fruit trees. As mentioned previously, these are chemicals made in laboratory and the nature cannot decompose them. As they move in the ground they will come in contact with the underground water lines. These kinds of lands are best to be reused, i.e., to continue to be used as fruit trees land. Also in this case, the buyer of the land must be informed of the previous usage of the land.
-Gas and oil places

In some countries, gas and oil places can and will produce saline water, which is harshly contaminated and must never be used as fresh water.

Sometimes, the lands with gas and oil, after their usage are abandoned. They can be sold and used as place for building homes. This can be problem, because the oil and the gas are still present. If the place is suspicious or the price is low for that kind of land (a lot of square feet) consider checking the previous usage of the land. Wells which are previously used, even if they are sealed, can still leak and contaminate the water and make it salinized water.

Bottom line, water from wells is more contaminated than the water from piping system in the city – it cannot be chlorinated and processed. But there must be regular controls by the water inspector for the level of the bacteria and other residuals.

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