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What are the 5 common sewer line problems?

Sewer pipes are an important part of a home’s plumbing system. Safely transport all types of sewage from your home to the sewer. Therefore, sewage pipes allow us to live in a healthy and hygienic environment. Like any system, sewer pipes are also susceptible to damage.

Potential hazards include groundwater, ground movement, pipe contents, and excessive heat. It’s important to be aware of common plumbing problems a home may face. We have compiled a list of sewerage problems that you are likely to encounter.

Tree root invasion

Trees grow their roots into the ground in search of water. Tree roots can hit underground sewers. Deeply buried roots can cause severe damage to plumbing. Over time, the tubes will collapse, especially if they wear and crack. This leads to clogging of sewer pipes. When planting trees, it is important to know the location of the plumbing system. Damaged pipes can leak or burst, allowing sewage contents to overflow in and around your home.

When this happens, it becomes very uncomfortable and annoying not only for your family but also for the people around you. This problem can be prevented by killing the roots of the tree with chemicals. In this way, future damage can be avoided. However, if the roots have already damaged the sewer pipe, you will need to seek professional help to fix it. This will help you and reduce the cost for replacing the damaged pipe.



Clogged drains are a common problem. Sewer pipes are prone to clogging due to accumulation of solids that cannot be drained.
A gurgling sound, stagnant water, and slow flow are signs of a clogged sewer pipe. To prevent this problem, waste should be disposed of wisely rather than dumped down the toilet.


In some cases, the contents and chemicals in the sewage can react with the sewage pipe. This is especially common in metal sewer pipes. Pipes are starting to corrode and excessive corrosion can cause leaks. Corrosion can be detected by camera inspection.

Damaged pipe

Residential sewers become weak and brittle over time. These degraded sewer pipes can cause problems if not replaced. A single or a series of sewer pipes can be damaged by the following factors:

Cracks and holes

Older, weaker pipes are subject to waste flowing through them. Over time, worn tubes can crack. If a ruptured pipe is not replaced, it will eventually collapse under pressure.


Uneven pipe bedding causes pipe sagging. When the ground moves, the pipe sinks below its design level, causing problems.

Poorly maintained

Regular maintenance inspections allow you to determine the condition of your sewer pipes. Serious damage can occur if maintenance is neglected. Failure of the sewage system

Problems with sewer pipes: As sewer pipes age, pressure build-up inside the pipes causes them to corrode or collapse. This can burst sewer pipes and be a nuisance. Pipe materials such as iron, asbestos and steel weaken and deteriorate with wear. Old plumbing systems should be carefully monitored. Such sewage systems should be inspected regularly by a plumbing professional. On-site sewers connected to the main sewer must be verified by the homeowner. Local authorities are not responsible for inspecting sewer pipes on your property.

Sewer pipe repair and replacement

If your sewer pipe is leaking or broken and needs repair, you have two options:
Dig a ditch around the sewer or rehabilitate an unditched sewer. Ditchless sewer refurbishment is time and cost effective, requiring little or no excavation. To start the process, a technician uses a video camera to enter the sewer pipe and recommend repairs. In that case, one of two plumbing repairs is usually recommended:

1. Pipe Liner – For minimal damage to the sewer pipe, a pipe liner can be used to insert an epoxy-coated inflatable hose into the sewer pipe. From there the hose expands and presses against the existing line. The epoxy cures while in contact with the existing sewer pipe, repairing the leak. The inflatable hose can then be removed to repair the sewer pipe.

2. Pipe Bursts – When sewer pipes are so badly damaged that pipelining techniques cannot be used, more invasive no-open-cut repairs can be performed. A technician inserts a cone-shaped drill into the existing line, destroys the pipe, and immediately replaces it with a new pipe. This method is expensive and time inefficient, but does not require extensive excavation.

Pipe rehabilitation

This method takes a new pipe from the inside. The existing sewer pipes are coated with a coating that hardens in hours to prevent cracks, and the new pipes are installed inside. Replacing a burst hydraulic tube:

If your existing sewer pipe is severely damaged, use this method to pull new pipe into the old sewer pipe. Hydraulics are used to disassemble the damaged tube and push the new tube into place. Only a few holes need to be dug, unlike traditional pipe replacement which requires digging an entire trench.
Preventive maintenance of pipes:

After all, pipe maintenance is one of the most important things. Regular sewer inspections and drain cleaning services prevent sewer damage in the first place. Prevents large debris and debris from entering pipes, preventing them from cracking, clogging, and breaking.

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How to protect sewer pipes

While not all sewer pipe damage can be prevented, there are three steps you can take to manage your sewer pipes.
1. Have your sewer pipes inspected annually – Have a professional inspect your sewer system at least once a year to ensure that it is in good condition. Some plumbing companies offer camera inspections that can check for corrosion or blockages inside sewer pipes.
2. Remove any trees that are damaging the sewer pipe – Root encroachment in sewer pipes is often caused by existing cracks or leaks in the pipe, but it can still be removed after or after repairing the pipe. Afterwards, it is recommended to remove trees from the area. Replace the location to make sure the problem does not reoccur in the future.

  1. Use the sewage system properly. Remember to only flush human waste and toilet paper down the sewer. Clogging can occur when other substances enter the system.
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