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6 Ways to Know Broken Water Pipes in Your Home

Before you seek any damages of the water pipes in your home, must be aware and learn what the common problems are. To find the common problems, you must seek for the signs of the problem. Here are some tips for how to act when a certain problem occurs. Also, several tips how to restore the pipes yourself.

Some sings of broken water pipes

As mentioned previously, here are several sings of broken pipes:

Moldy walls

You will notice places on the wall with brown or black dots. In some cases the mold will grow in the inside, and eventually breaks on the outside part too. If there are some wooden parts on the wall, there is more chances to develop mold.

Mold is fungus from airborne spores. It can develop in rooms with a lot of moist, and less airflow. Examples are: bathrooms, behind some furniture against wooden surfaces, kitchen (that is why you need an aspirator) etc. But, these conditions are also met when a pipe is leaking or broken. The most common type of mold is mildew  – this is a black type of mold. Starts with black spots and develops in larger areas. So whenever you see spots of mold, check the piping too.

If you do not react on time, the whole wall can be largely damaged from the inside is. So, check regularly for mold.

Sponge-like changes

Some houses have very hard surfaces on the walls, made of concrete. But in the inside of the wall there can be put some decorations on from drywall. Sometimes if you touch them, it is soft or have molds. The smell is also different, similar to the moldy walls, but it can be without any discoloration. In this case you should check for broken pipe.

Continues dripping in the house

You are sure that all of the pipes are closed? Check them again and then be consider leaking pipe in the wall. Do not take any measurement – call a plumber immediately.

Changes of the color of the wall

The wall can have different shade, but search for areas that look paler than the other part of the wall. The area can be noticed anywhere on the walls or ceiling. This is a sound sign that you have a broken water pipe in the wall. After the plumber did his work and fixed the pipe, the wall must be fixed too.

  1. Take away any parts which are damaged, loosen or crumbling or paint which is discolored. Take away until a solid wall is left, because the fixing will be made on a non-damaged places.
  2. Make a mixture of cement and water for filling the gaps. Always check the directions for making it. Do not use approximately measurements – the material will turn out too loose or too thick. And always make a fresh material.
  3. The wall must then be primed – the prime must be put especially in this case. Otherwise, the color of the wall won’t have the same shade on the affected area.
  4. Last step. The surface of the wall can be painted as the rest of the walls in the house. Try to make the same color and put it in every direction for better coverage.

Wet places on the wall or puddles

The first step is to check all the electrical machines which use a large quantity of water, like washer machine or dishwasher. If they work correctly, search the broken water pipe.

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Smell like a basement

If you sense this kind of smell, or a similar one, you sure have a broken water pipe. The smell can be also described as “smell like ground”.

Must keep in mind not to wait long time to get this problems fixed, because they can be even more serious. There are several things you can do to fix a broken pipe (only if you are confident enough to do this).

How to fix a water pipe

If you need a temporary fixing (the timing is just wrong – in the middle of the night) you can make several things:

Search for the leak

According to all the above mentioned, check for leakage or broken pipe and then prepare for repairing.

Shut off the water supply and all the pipes

As in all other pipe – system works, shut off the main valve of the water supply. You do not want to damage even more the wall and possibly the whole house if a pipe bursts.

Use a clamp for repairing pipes

As for all other restoring equipment, you can buy it in a local store or even online. But do not buy cheap ones, those are at least effective.

Put a sleeve over the leak, bolt the clamp over the sleeve.

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Put hose clamp – the adjustable type

In case when you cannot find the previously mentioned one, use this kind.

Make and put epoxy putty

Put it on the broken place and wait to dry.

Case of leakage of galvanized or copper water pipes

Are you a professional that can fix pipes, cut and put drywall? If not, call a professional plumber or professional plumbing company. These kind of pipes are not so easy to repair and restore. That is why they are not so often used. They are mainly used in new buildings and houses.

The main message at the end is the following:

Never do anything on the leaking or broken pipe if you are not sure what the problem is. In addition, if you can’t tell where the sound is or the water coming from, don’t do anything.

If some bigger bursts happen, first you must stop the main valve (make sure that every one of the household know where the switch is), and call a professional plumber or plumbing company.

If any of the previously steps are just not doable for you, call a plumber or professional plumbing company. They will help you in solving any kind of plumbing problems.

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