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The fact that an overflowing toilet is a pretty common problem that many people have experienced doesn’t diminish the gravity of the situation or the urgency with which it must be resolved. Mold, mildew, and rot can more easily spread throughout the structure of your home as a result of water from an overflowing toilet penetrating wood cabinetry, walls, or flooring.

                    Causes of Toilet Overflowing

Drain Blockage

The most common cause of a toilet overflow is a clogged drain. Typically, a person will flush the toilet as intended but flush too much toilet paper down the drain. The excess toilet paper clumps together and produces a clog in the drain pipe, preventing the water in the toilet bowl from draining. If a toilet does not flush or backs up, it is likely that it is clogged.

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Plumbing Vents Blocked

Many individuals are unaware that plumbing drainpipes contain vents. While drain lines transport waste and wastewater to sewers, branched sanitary vent lines flow to the outside of the home through the roof or through a chimney.

These vents serve as a means of assisting in the release of gases that build up when garbage in the pipes decomposes.

The vents also replenish the air that is blasted down the drain when you flush the toilet by bringing in fresh air from the outside. The toilet won’t work properly and may overflow if the air isn’t being replaced because the vent lines are blocked with debris, such as leaves or pine needles. When you flush the toilet, even if it doesn’t overflow, the lack of air in the pipes might create a vacuum that harms the plumbing system. Speak with a specialist who has the particular tools required to clean the plumbing vents.

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Sewer Line Blockage

Infrastructure outside of your home is also susceptible to issues. If the main sewer line leading to the house becomes blocked or clogged, the toilet may also overflow. This problem may arise if residents flush products like feminine hygiene items, paper towels, wet wipes, or napkins that are not intended for flushing. Even wipes that are particularly marked as flushable don’t truly decompose in municipal wastewater systems, hence it is advised to dispose of wipes in the trash rather than flushing them to prevent clogs.

Septic Tank with Backflow

You won’t need to be concerned about nearby construction impacting your plumbing if you have a septic tank., but you must be vigilant about emptying the tank and performing regular maintenance to maintain the septic system. When you flush the toilet, waste from the toilet and the septic tank may backflow into the home, resulting in the toilet overflowing since it is nearly impossible to flush waste and wastewater down into the septic tank if the tank is entirely full.

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                              How to Respond to an Overflowing Toilet

The most urgent issue arises when water is pouring onto the floor but understanding the cause of the overflow is essential for finding a solution. To stop the water and plunge or snake the drain, follow these instructions. Call a plumber to handle the problem.

  1. Stop the flow of water

Stopping the flow of water into the toilet bowl is the first step in dealing with this scenario. To accomplish this, raise the toilet tank’s lid and manually depress the flapper to stop water from entering the toilet bowl from the armada.

  1. Eliminate Extra Water

Take a moment to wipe down the flooring with an old towel after stopping the toilet from aggressively overflowing. By properly drying the floors, walls, and any other things, you can help avoid mold, mildew, and decay.

Jump in the Toilet

If you don’t already have one, buy one at a nearby home improvement store. To force air and water, keep the plunger handle erect. Next, push the plunger up and down for 15 to 20 seconds.

  1. Clean Out the Drain

Sometimes unclogging a drain by plunging it is ineffective. In these situations, you can try to remove the obstruction or break up the clog with a plumber’s snake.

Put the drain snake’s tip into the toilet bowl and slowly feed it via the drain. Once the snake reaches a dead end, you have reached the clog. Next, quickly rotate the snake in the drain. As you do this, exert pressure to push the snake’s end through the obstruction.

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