A healthy home must have access to clean and safe water, but many of us don’t pay much attention to it. However, how can we be sure that the water coming from our taps is pure? Homeowners use a variety of home water testing kits that are available on the market. This article will walk you through the top four water testing kit types and share all the information you need regarding water testing kits and their usage at home. In case you encounter water quality issues, consulting the best plumbers Owasso can provide valuable insights.

Top 4 home water testing kits every home must have

Here are the top 4 home water testing kits that bring the best efficiency. Remember that the complexity, exactness, and range of pollutants that these kits can detect differ.

1.      Test strips

Test strips are the most basic type of water testing kits on the market. These consist of paper or plastic strips coated with special reagents that react to specific water pollutants. These strips change color when submerged in a water sample, showing the presence and level of pollutants.

They frequently find common contaminants, including germs, lead, pH levels, hardness elements like calcium and magnesium, and chlorine. The main benefits of test strips are their quickness, simplicity, and affordability. Their possible lack of precision, particularly when identifying pollutants in trace levels, is a significant downside.

2.      Color Disk Kits

When testing water, color disk kits use a powdered or liquid reagent. When combined with a water sample, the reagent causes a reaction based on color. The concentration of the pollutant is then estimated by comparing this color to a disk or color chart provided.

These kits are widely employed to measure the concentrations of iron, pH, and chlorine in water. They come with some usage complexities despite having a higher accuracy level than test strips. The ability to measure pollutants is better with these kits providing greater detail. They typically cost more money.

3.      Digital Electronic Testers

Digital electronic testers are the best choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive home water testing experience. These portable devices use sensors or probes that interact with the pollutants in the water to provide digital readings.

They are mostly used to measure ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), salinity, temperature, and TDS. Fast findings, great precision, and reusability are some of their key features. They are expensive and require routine calibration to ensure their accuracy is not compromised.

4.      Total Dissolved Solid Meters

TDS meters work by measuring the conductivity of water. The conductivity rises as the concentration of total dissolved solids increases. They give a sense of the water’s overall quality by reading the total number of solids dissolved in it.

These meters are essential for determining the effectiveness of water filtration systems like reverse osmosis units and for doing a general water quality assessment. They are among the most preferred options due to their price, simplicity, and quick results. One drawback is that while they offer a cumulative TDS value, they lack precision in results.

How often should you test your water?

You can decide how often you should test your water by its source and any previous problems that have been identified.

  • Annual testing is advised for homeowners who use well water because wells might contain pollutants from the soil.
  • If your water is from a municipal source, the city treats and tests it regularly.
  • More frequent testing is advised if you reside close to industrial or agricultural areas because the runoff water from those areas can pollute the water you consume at home.

However, you can think about testing every one to two years for peace of mind. If someone in your home faces repeated gastrointestinal problems or changes in water’s flavor, clarity, or odor, you must test water immediately. Additionally, if you need best plumbers Owasso, never hesitate to give us a call.

Why is testing the water at home important?

Testing water at home is very important for your health and the well-being of your whole family. Here are a few reasons why you must pay attention to it:

1.      It helps detect harmful pathogens in water

Parasites, viruses, and bacteria can grow and reproduce in water. A water testing kit can help identify the presence of these dangerous organisms. Such organisms can lead to life-threatening gastrointestinal disorders.

2.      You can ensure that the water at home is safe for consumption

The main goal of water testing is to ensure the water is safe to drink. Various health problems, from simple stomach upsets to serious illnesses like arsenic poisoning or lead toxicity, can be brought on by contaminated water.

3.      You will be protecting your appliances.

Hard water, with its high levels of calcium and magnesium, can damage household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. It may cause pipes to get scale deposits. So, homeowners who want to take preventive action can benefit from water hardness testing. This way, their plumbing fixtures and appliances stay safe for long.

4.      It helps identify harmful chemicals.

Dangerous chemicals can enter the water system through industrial runoff, agricultural operations, and domestic garbage. Testing can find the presence of harmful substances, heavy metals, and pesticides.

5.      You can test and benchmark treatment systems.

Testing verifies that households with installed water treatment systems, such as water softeners or reverse osmosis systems, operate efficiently and generate clean, safe water for your consumption.

6.      Testing your water at home brings peace of mind.

Routine testing gives homeowners peace of mind, as it assures them that their water is safe for use and consumption, empowering them to take appropriate action in case they discover any water quality issues. Hence, it results in protecting your health and household plumbing safety.


Our health is directly related to the water quality we drink daily. We may only protect our homes by knowing about using the best plumbers Owasso. It helps us understand the value and necessity of testing. Remember that water’s clarity isn’t always an indication of its cleanliness. Regular testing provides peace of mind in knowing that you are safeguarding your family from potential waterborne threats and ensuring that you are drinking safe water. If you face plumbing issues, hiring the best plumbers Owasso can ensure your water quality remains top-notch.

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