About Us

Ricky Brett Hudson

began his plumbing career in 1990. His family was growing with a fourth child on the way and he needed a good paying job. So he began working for his brother at Roto-Rooter Plumbing Company in Tulsa. His first month on the job was a disaster.

A novice in plumbing, Ricky had gotten his hand tangled up in a sewer cable and experienced tremendous pain. On another occasion, while cleaning out a drain, a wire went the wrong way and broke the customer’s toilet. Discouraged, he called his friend Marty Brown, a veteran in the plumbing business, and sought his counsel. Marty encouraged Ricky to stick with it for 90 days before throwing in the towel. It was the best advice.

After 90 days on the job, Ricky not only enjoyed plumbing, but look forward coming to work each day and meeting with the customers. He grew in wisdom and knowledge in plumbing and found satisfaction in fixing clients’ problems. Starting a project and seeing it through to completion was a great delight to him. Ricky worked diligently at the business for nearly two and half years before trying his hands in construction work.

At Tri-City Plumbing, he learned how to repair buildings. Some of his projects included schools and hospitals. While construction work was enjoyable, Ricky missed the joy of plumbing. For a short time, he hung up his hard hat. He worked for Total Plumbing, repairing leaky faucets, replacing garbage disposals, and restoring drains.

While Ricky worked as a plumber, he remained committed to his faith and going to church. Soon he felt a call to children’s ministry; to bring the Good News to kids. After much prayer and planning, he and his family moved to Kentucky to work at a church in children’s ministry. Plumbing was still a big part of his life. During the day, he worked and at night shared God’s love with children.

Ricky’s heart for sharing God’s love carried over into plumbing. Oftentimes, while working at a customer’s home, the customer’s kids would inquire about what he was doing. He enjoyed chatting with the kids and telling jokes! He also would let the kids know they were important in life. This gave many customers a comfort knowing he delighted in having their children around and didn’t consider them a bother.

After living in Kentucky for seven years, Ricky learned his father’s health was failing. He decided to move his family back to Oklahoma, so his children could spend time with their grandfather. The care of his father was important to him. Whenever he could, Ricky and his kids would spend time with his dad.

During this time, a supervising position at a local business was offered to Ricky, and he accepted it. In this new position, he led a team of 15 plumbers. He enjoyed assisting them on their jobs when they called for help and providing them with solutions. He spent five years helping licensed plumbers troubleshoot problems, excel on the job, and take care of customers.
Soon Ricky decided to try his hands in both construction and plumbing. He worked with a building company on big projects such as a 17-story building that needed plumbing from the ground up. He helped on the remodeling of Tulsa International Airport’s bathrooms and concourses. These opportunities developed and strengthened his skills.

From there he worked for another plumbing company that did repairs on a smaller scale. They repaired hospitals, one being Saint Francis Medical building. Another project he worked on was the 911 call-center building in Broken Arrow. While working in construction, he suffered an injured and work began to slow down for him. Ricky hung up his hard hat.

Sometime later, he worked for Air Solutions for a year and half. He continued to grow in his skills and bettered himself and those around him. His passion for plumbing never weaned. In fact, he felt a call to start his own plumbing business. In 2017, Ricky started Acts of Service Plumbing—a company that shows compassion in plumbing. He enjoys serving others and the reward of taking care of their concerns.

It’s a Christian company, based upon Christian values. He no longer serves in Children ministry, but dedicates his gifts to serving the families and people he comes in contact with every day. With every experience, he’s learned how to best solve their problems and make sure they are taken care of. He enjoys leaving his customers happy and satisfied.

He lives in Tulsa with his beautiful wife Laura. His sons and daughter are involved in the family business.

Company History

In 2017, licensed plumber Ricky Brett Hudson started Acts of Service Plumbing with $13,000. According to a business expert, he needed $100,000 for his new business to be successful and not fail. But Ricky’s faith was in God and he knew nothing was impossible with Him. His heart was to use his experience to fix peoples plumbing problems and bless those with no financial means to pay for a plumber. He wanted to use his skills to bless people even if it meant losing a profit.

One of his first customers was a woman who called for a home repair that cost $1,700. A plumbing company had quoted her the price, but she only had $800 to spend. She reached out to Ricky, and he took the job. His sons came alongside and voluntarily helped. The lady was very happy with his service.

Following that experience, Ricky purchased a van and the equipment he needed with the $13,000. Today, Acts of Service is serving the Tulsa and surrounding communities with exceptional plumbing services. The company has serviced commercial businesses, offices, residential homes and apartments.

Acts of Service Plumbing employees the best certified and trained plumbers in Tulsa. It is a Christian-based company.

Core Values

Faith: We honor the Lord in all that we do by operating our plumbing business in line with our Christian beliefs. A Biblical principle we practice is: do unto others as you would like to them to do unto them. We provide our customers with the best plumbing!

Integrity: We value every customer. We honor their time, finances, and home. We accommodate your needs by scheduling the best time and day for a service call. Punctuality is important to us. We arrive on time. If we’re caught in traffic, we’ll definitely let you know. We treat your home like our home. Our plumbers put down carpet covering, wear shoe coverings, and thoroughly clean-up after each job.

Fairness: We go over and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied. If for any reason they are not satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to make sure they are happy.